PRETTY LITTLE LIARS Episode 10 “Keep Your Friends Close” Review

Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family) - Keep Your Friends Close

Can you believe that we are have already reached the season finale of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS? Well, actually it is the midseason finale, but since we have to wait until January for our Pretty Little Liars fix, it sure seems like a season! We are left with quite a cliffhanger, but no closer to the identity of “A.” It seems the only one who knows who “A” is for sure won’t be talking anytime soon.

Every episode so far seems to have a central theme. If I had to pick one for tonight’s espisode it would be “awkward.” There were so many awkward interactions and conversations that I felt myself wincing at times. It starts with Mona’s birthday “glamping” trip and the girls’ half-hearted excuses to Hanna as to why they would not be able to come. If not for “A”‘s intervention, I think Mona’s party would have been three less. How ironic that the only one that really cared about the party is the one that gets herself uninvited?

Of course the party just isn’t about Mona, but is supposed to be a scavenger hunt to find A. We all know, though, that A really doesn’t want to be found. A just wants everyone all in the same place to make it easier to orchestrate the texts and messages. In fact, when someone actually sees A and plans on telling the girls, we see her run over and left for dead. We know, in Rosewood, at least, no one ever stays dead which brings us to Toby. Toby is very much alive and tells Emily that he had nothing to do with Alison’s death. He was merely thanking her for freeing him from Jenna who he claims is in love with him. Toby also claims he was not the last one to see Alison alive despite the fact that she was wearing his sweater. Instead, he saw her she drove off from the barn with an older man.

Speaking of older men, Ian is back. Ian and Melissa, Spencer’s sister, dated a long time ago until Ian kissed Spencer and then broke up with Melissa. Spencer fills the girls in on this secret and tells them how she continued to see Ian after he broke up with Melissa. Melissa doesn’t know about this turn of events. She only knows that Spencer broke her and Wren up. Maybe Melissa’s boyfriends should stop and ask themselves why they are so attracted to her younger sister who is not even of legal age? Melissa may not have known, but Alison knew and chances are that means “A” knows. Further complicating this scenario is that the video Anonymous sent the police last episode shows Alison flirting with someone off camera. When the camera is turned around, who do we see but Ian? Ian has a pattern. Ian is also the last one to see Allison alive, or was he? Did Spencer catch Alison and Ian together? Remember she was the one that returned to the barn that morning and delcared Alison missing. Was Ian in love with Alison or did Alison blackmail him after seeing him kissing Spencer?

Just when we thought that at least one girl was moving on from older men, we see Aria and Mr. Fitz get back together under the watchful eye of “A.” Poor Noel. For all of his football frat boy ways, he really seemed to care about Aria. He certainly never gave her mixed signals like the poetry writing, running away Mr. Fitz. Perhaps “A” took care of more than her secret identity. After all, the only other person that knows about Aria and Mr. Fitz was knocked to the ground and not breathing at the end of the episode.

As predicted, the photobooth photos of Emily and Maya are still out there. It was evident that Emily’s mother knew something was up by the way she gave Maya the evil eye and practically threw her out of the house upon Emily’s father’s arrival. This was confirmed when we see her holding an envelope containing the photo. Guess “A” thought Emily’s mother should know the truth. It doesn’t look like anyone plans on telling Emily’s Dad. Will he catch on to the true nature of Emily’s relationship with Maya as just about everyone else has?

Since the beginning of the show we have seen each girl almost destroyed by a secret that she kept with Alison or that Alison found out about. Yet somehow that does not stop them from creating even more secrets even when pledging to tell the truth. Aria keeps her relationship with Mr. Fitz a secret from her mom and the girls, Emily keeps her relationship with Maya a secret from her parents, Spencer keeps her indiscretions with Ian a secret from her sister, and Hanna keeps her family’s impending financial woes a secret from everyone. On that note, theft must run in that family. Who will sleep with the detective when Hanna’s mother is caught stealing the contents of an old lady’s safety deposit box? Somehow I don’t think that will work with an FBI agent and stealing from a bank is a federal crime.

We have so much to ponder until January. Who is A? Will Hanna survive? Will Toby be convicted of Alison’s murder? Did Ian have anything to do with Alison’s murder or is that just another misdirection like the Toby plotline? Finally, how long until the girls turn on each other? This season has brought them close again, but I wonder if it is just a matter of time until the secrets become too much. Let me know if you have any thoughts on these questions or on tonight’s show in general in the comments below.