HUGE “Poker Face” Review

Huge abc family poker face

It is weigh-in time on HUGE. The episode “Poker Face” gives us a different viewpoint into the lives of the characters. Fitness counselor Shay is back at camp, returning after caring for her sick daughter. She is even more fierce than usual with Piz at the receiving end of most of her fury. But he is also the one that catches Shay in an uncharacteristic tender moment after speaking with her daughter. Does Shay really love the campers as she professes, or is she venting her anger to ease her own insecurities?

Will starts acting defiant again. She lashes out at Ian, saying he probably hasn’t lost any weight. And she challenges Becca, asking if losing weight is really what she wants and why she is buying into the whole camp ideology thing. Are Will’s acerbic comments just poor self-control, slip of the tongue, or intentional? She doesn’t want to give in to the authority figures (her parents and Dr. Rand), but she doesn’t want to conform either.

Shay catches Salty teaching the campers how to play poker. She tells Dr. Rand, who argues with her father, letting her anger spill out about her childhood, his neglect, and the past. She brings up how Salty gambled away the family’s money and questions the tattoo on his arm (another woman?). Dr. Rand clearly has issues that she needs to deal with, especially in light of her poor relationships with her camp counselors.

George is riddled with guilt and conflicting emotions about Amber and their kiss during the spirit quest. So of course, he kisses her again! This time Will sees them lock lips. I must say that I don’t like this storyline at all. It’s makes me cringe and is just wrong on so many levels. Although sadly I’m sure it happens more often than we’d like to think. Anyways we learn that Amber is paying for camp fees on her own; and she lies about how much weight she loses. What is the motivating factor for Amber to be at camp?

In other areas, Piz continues to pine for Chloe; Ian continues his crush on Amber; Trent is still trying to befriend Ian. The episode ends with Becca primping in front of the mirror. Oh no, is she crossing to the other side?

Everyone shows a different side of themselves in this episode of Huge. We learn that it is hard to read a person’s true persona. What they choose to show others may not truly reflect their lives or feelings. Thin or fat, young or old, this episode develops the idea that there are underlying issues in everyone’s lives that affect how we act and think. Nothing is as clear cut as it seems. More specifically, weight and weight loss are both physical and emotional.

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