HAWTHORNE “A Mother Knows” Review

HAWTHORNE (TNT)--A Mother Knows

Isabel is back and so worried about her son’s welfare that she kidnaps him in the “A Mother Knows” episode of HAWTHORNE. After the foster parents and social workers ignore Isabel’s request they take Moses to a doctor, she snatches him. Christina tags along with Detective Nick Renata (a surprisingly good Marc Anthony) as he tries to find the baby under the radar. When he can’t, an Amber Alert is issued and Isabel is arrested at an urgent care center where Moses is diagnosed with intracranial swelling. Kelly battles with Malia and Judy, the two laziest nurses ever, and Tom performs his first surgery since the accident.

The love triangle is now a square, and it doesn’t do either Christina or Tom any favors. Christina denying dinner is a date a thousand times is irritating and Tom seeing a dressed-up Christina and Nick as they head out is beyond awkward. Then Tom goes to Erin and kisses her because she helped him get back to surgery? He proposed to Christina after she helped ease his grief with sex and now he’s with Erin out of gratitude, too? This is not a good pattern and it’s made worse by how cutesy Christina is when she mentions a second date to Nick. Fickle, much? Then there’s the issue of Tent City Pete telling Christina someone close to her is pregnant. Please let it be Bobbie or Camille because I so don’t want that angst added to the Tom-Christina mess.

Even when Isabel’s right, she’s wrong. I think the writers have gone to that well one too many times, especially since tonight it was only to set Christina up with Nick and once again show that Christina’s right even when she’s wrong. Yes, Nick called her irresponsible when she says she will always choose what’s right over the law or rules, but he breaks rules by letting Isabel touch her son. That was kind, but why can’t HawthoRNe let Christina be wrong–even if just a little bit?

Kelly is promoted to Pediatric charge nurse after Malia and Judy make poor little Justin Adams tote boxes and input files. Despite Kelly’s surprisingly tough stance with the mean girls at the end of the episode, I can’t buy her as a supervisor. Sara Gilbert needs better material, and if I never see that insanely bitchy Judy again, it will be too soon.

Jealousy doesn’t become Brenda. While I love her snark, her insecurity is painful and announcing Candy’s pregnancy is a cheap shot. It’s good that Ray finally admits his obvious feelings for Candy and I hope Brenda dumps him. Ray and Candy having it out is an overdue scene which gives us “Give me a break with the wounded puppy dog thing.” To that, I can only say amen!

This episode is a let-down after last week’s emotionally raw episode. It’s too soon and too clumsy for Tom and Christina to start rebound relationships, and I think it will cheapen their inevitable reunion.

What did you think of “A Mother Knows?” How do you feel about HawthoRNe’s romantic geometry? Let it fly in the comments.

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