Candice’s Top 5 TV Shows: #5 – SUPERNATURAL

If you’ve opened this expecting to see Lost or Firefly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer or even Twin Peaks on my list, you’ll be disappointed. It’s not that I haven’t enjoyed any of the above – Firefly would definitely be in my top ten list – it’s just that my tastes are, well, eclectic. Or, as more than one friend has called them, freakin’ weird.

With that warning, I give you the first of my top five favourite shows of all time. It’s current, it’s ongoing, and it’s full of pretty boys. At number 5 is: SUPERNATURAL.

What is the show about?

Supernatural is the ultimate bromance. Sam and Dean Winchester – who are literally bros – travel around the contiguous United States battling ghosts, vampires, urban legends, and whatever else comes their way. Starting out as a tale of family and fiends, Supernatural grew to encompass an mytharc that, quite literally, put the fate of the world into the hands of the brothers Winchester.

Why I love it:

I have no shame in admitting that I first watched the show to see what Jensen Ackles was up to. It was 2005, just over 3 years since the end of Dark Angel, and I was hoping for another ‘Alec’ like character. Instead there was Dean – sex, exorcism and rock ‘n roll ready. It took a little while for me to warm to the character of Sam, but between Dean and the Monsters of the Week, I was hooked.

The mytharc involving good and evil in the most literal of forms has divided fans. Some have criticized it for taking emphasis away from the brothers, but some, me included, have liked the broader scope and higher stakes.

Why people should watch it:

If you like main characters who are all about the flirting, awesome cars, horror and a liberal dose of humor Supernatural is for you. It’s what The X-Files would have been with Shawn and Gus from Psych. With great actors, fun storylines, and plenty of eyecandy – male and female – it’s unmissable viewing.