18 TO LIFE (CW) “It’s My Party” and “Detour” Episode 3-4

18 to Life (CW) - Detour

Check out photos from the upcoming episodes of the CW’s 18 TO LIFE titled “It’s My Party” Episode 3 and “Detour” Episode 4 which air on Tuesday August 10, 2010 at 9pm and 9:30pm on the CW.

Episode Synopsis: 18 TO LIFE “It’s My Party” Episode 3 – When Monica (Tiio Horn) pays a visit to Tom (Michael Seater) and Jessie’s (Stacey Farber) new attic apartment, she’s appalled by their cheap appliances and hand-me-down fry pans. It’s time the newlyweds capitalize on the free gift-grab known as a bridal shower. Jessie agrees, since it might create an opportunity to bond with her mother-in-law. But bonding with Judith (Ellen David) doesn’t go as planned when Jessie discovers that Judith has “forgotten” to send out the invites. It all comes to a head in the world’s most awkward bridal shower. Meanwhile, Carter (Jesse Rath) decides to throw Tom a bachelor party. But Phil (Al Goulem) and Ben (Peter Keleghan) catch wind of it and invite themselves along. In a night of duelling parties, Tom is about to learn one of life’s harshest lessons: the only thing worse than your father watching you cut loose, is watching your father cut loose. Angela Asher, Arielle Shiri, Erin Agostino and Carl Alacchi also star. Written by Jenn Engels

18 TO LIFE “Detour” Episode 4 – Tom’s (Michael Seater) starting to feel a little emasculated since his ill-advised attempts to get everyone to say “Tom and Jessie” instead of “Jessie and Tom” are failing, so he decides it’s time he gets a driver’s license. But when his father’s lessons degenerate into a yell-a-thon and everyone else is too busy, the only person he can turn to is Jessie (Stacey Farber) and the twosome go on a painful series of driving lessons. Meanwhile, fed up with Tara’s (Angela Asher) control of his viewing schedule, Phil (Al Goulem) purchases a new TV remote control so complicated only he can understand it. Peter Keleghan, Ellen David, Tiio Horn, Arielle Shiri, Jesse Rath, Erin Agostino and Carl Alacchi also star. Written by Karen Troubetzkoy

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(Photos: Courtesy of the CW)