THE GATES “Digging the Dirt” Review

The Gates (ABC) Digging the Dirt

In this episode of THE GATES, titled “Digging the Dirt”, the title was not only metaphorical, but literal as well. Nick and Dylan are trying to dig up dirt on Buckley to get out from under the threat of blackmail and end up quite literally digging up a body. Nick thinks they’re going to find that Buckley committed murder but instead he finds out that Buckley is innocent and has been doing nothing but protecting the people in The Gates.

At the high school, Andie is suffering from severe side-effects of the medicine she is taking to keep her succubus side in check. Both Brett and Charlie can see something is wrong with her but it’s Brett she finally confides in, once she finds out that he’s different too.

Meanwhile Sarah throws a pool party, thinking that she’s going to get all the ladies of The Gates together and not realizing the can of worms (or in this case a can of vampires and werewolves) she’s opened. But when Karen and Claire find out that Devon has been giving Sarah her “special” tea, they put aside their differences to try and help.

My favorite bits….

Sarah’s mantra to Nick before he went off to work – “eyes open, always wear you vest, call for back-up, I love you”. That was so sweet.

Watching a werewolf try to serve “bloody rare” venison to a vampire dressed in a bikini at a pool party. Now there’s a sentence I never thought I’d write in my life.

Sarah telling Claire that Karen doesn’t bite. LOL.

The way Nick and Dylan were acting kind of like an unusual detective team, human and vampire, meeting under bridges, sneaking into abandoned offices.I found myself suddenly picturing a spin-off with just the two of them.

Finally figuring out what the “secret” of Devon’s tea was, when she forced Sarah to tell her why Nick was investigating her ex. Oh boy.

Dylan and Nick digging up a body reminding me of Sam and Dean on Supernatural.

Nick making Dylan touch the skeleton and giving him a little grief when he acted squeamish because he “shouldn’t have a problem with dead things”. LOL.

Devon drowning her new boytoy after a romantic bath in order to get his eyes. Okay that’s gotta be like the worst first date ever.

Karen going to Claire in order to help Sarah. Interesting how Sarah’s idea to make them all to get along actually does happen because of her but not exactly in the way she thought it would.

Brett showing Andie that he’s different too and it getting her to open up to him about her own condition.

After saving his life, Buckley telling Nick that he was free to leave.

Vanessa telling Nick that she’s the reason Buckley fights to keep the secrets of the The Gates is for her, because she’s a vampire.

Sarah taking the tea out of the trash. Uh oh.

The show once again ending on Devon doing a spell, and wondering once again what it was going to do.

Overall a pretty good episode of The Gates. I liked seeing the lady vampire and werewolves getting along because of Sarah and I’m still loving the partnership between Nick and Dylan. I hope that doesn’t go away now that they don’t have to worry about Buckley.