THE CLOSER “Heart Attack” Review

THE CLOSER Heart Attack
On tonight’s episode of THE CLOSER, “Heart Attack,” Brenda and her team each had some truly life changing decisions to make. The twist was that the decisions effected other people’s lives rather than their own. The issues they were wrestling with weren’t easy, but I think they each made the right decision in the end. I thought tonight’s episode was just as good as the Provenza and Flynn hilarity on last week’s episode, just in a more thought-provoking way.

Brenda, Flynn, and Gabriel had to solve the grisly murders of young gangbangers whose bodies were being dumped in garbage bags. When the medical examiner, Dr. Morales, realized the bodies were missing organs (“The piñatas are empty”), it became apparent that the clinic was somehow involved. The organ-snatching doctor, Dr. Navarro, was brilliantly played by Bruno Campos, who managed to seem crazy and completely logical at the same time. I loved how Brenda was interrogating him while he was still committing the crime. Their exchange was chilling:
Dr. Navarro: “I can make this place safer than you can.”
Brenda: “Who gave you the right to play God?”
Dr. Navarro: “The position was vacant, so I took it.”

He raised all sorts of interesting moral questions and pointed out that he was not only making the streets safer, but also saving innocent lives. I thought for sure Brenda would take the heart into evidence, so I was surprised (and happy) that she let the transplant take place.

Provenza and Tao also made a decision that was life altering for Sanchez, Ruben, and his mom. I thought it was nice that Sanchez was caring for Ruben until they revealed he hadn’t even tried to find his mom. Bad Detective Sanchez! I think Provenza and Tao made the right call by stepping in, and I think Sanchez realized it in the end. How sweet was the final scene? I hope Sanchez and Ruben’s mom hit it off.

Some random observations:
Joel the cat eats at the table – what’s up with that?
The organ donor database lady was played by Merrin Dungey from Alias, and all I could think when I saw her was, “Francie!”
Definitely not enough Fritz and Pope tonight.

So Detective Mikki Mendoza returned in this episode just long enough to spill the beans about Brenda applying for chief of police. Now the whole team knows and no one seemed happy about it. Commander Taylor seemed especially put out by the news. I hope they don’t drag the promotion thing out all season because I’m anxious to see who is going to get it.

So what did you think of The Closer tonight? Do you think everyone ended up making the right decision? Let me know in the comments.

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