Recap: BIG BROTHER 12 Week 5 Nomination Ceremony


Last time we saw the houseguests of BIG BROTHER, Kristen had just been given the heave-ho and everyone, except Rachel, was hanging on to a paint can fashioned merry-go-round. Kathy and Enzo were the first guests out, and then came Brendon whose leaving the game early enraged Rachel for having to carry the weight of her showmance. And in the end, Matt was once again HOH. When Matt took the reigns, he had the option to open Pandora’s Box – which gave Matt a Diamond Power of Veto – and Matt said yes. His super POV gives Matt the chance to use the veto on himself or another for the next two weeks. But when he opened Pandora’s, he also knowingly unleashed something on the house. And that something was the return of the Saboteur. Matt informed the rest of the houseguests all he got was a dollar from opening the box, making Enzo and Lane very wary of their alliance mate.

America voted and they decided Ragan would be the best new Saboteur for the house. Jule let Ragan know and told him if he took on the role, and performed three pranks on the houseguests over the next two weeks, he would get $20,000. That’s actually more money than the third-place winner gets on this show, so it makes sense he took it. He was also super excited that America voted him into this position, another reason why he said yes. The houseguests are informed of the return of The Saboteur and that they should watch out for what he/she will unleash on the house. Ugh. CBS knows they need to infuse some dramatics in this house if certain people leave this week.

And that brings us to the nominations: No questions here Brendon and Rachel. Matt didn’t mince words with his reveal either, telling the twosome that they are the strongest players in the house and that they need to break up any alliances. This is all true, but it bothers me that someone like Rachel, who while insanely annoying kills it in this game, will go home before waste of spaces like Kathy and Enzo. Obviously, I think Rachel, unless she gets the POV, will be heading out, leaving only Britney and Kathy as the ladies of the house. Which confirms my belief that the ladies need to team up next go around and make themselves an alliance much like The Brigade. I mean Enzo and Lane have done virtually nothing, but have remained safe the entire game with little to no work. But with that being said, Matt will most likely make it to the top three and he needs to make sure who he brings along doesn’t have such a cleans experience that no one would mind voting against them when they are in the jury house. At this point, Matt has caused a lot of strife and lied about some serious things, so he needs to make sure he brings someone along like Rachel, who couldn’t win with the jury house if she paid them all off.

What do you think of the nominations? And are you excited to see Jeff and Jordan this week? Will they have some better advice for Brendon and Rachel?