Mokibobolink’s Top 5 TV Shows: #5 – NCIS


Whittling down my list of favorite TV shows of all time to only five was pretty hard, but I managed to survive. These aren’t in any particular order because just choosing five was hard enough, there’s no way I’d be able to then decide which I liked best.

Let’s start with NCIS (short for Naval Criminal Investigative Service), which is about a team of agents who handle crimes relating to the Navy and Marines.

What I love about it.

First off I’ll admit to being a late comer to NCIS, which will begin its 8th season on September 21st and is currently the number one drama on TV. I didn’t discover it until a couple years ago, when USA started airing re-runs and marathons pretty much every day of the week. I stumbled across one episode (“SWAK”, which is still one of my all-time favorite eps) and that was it, I was in love. What got me into it was the characters and how they act like a family, not just a team of agents. I also love how they manage to mix action, drama and humor so well into one show. There have been episodes that have had me bawling like a baby and others where I was laughing so hard I could barely breathe. Yet the transitions are always so smooth that you never feel like you’re being yanked around emotionally.

Why you should watch it.

NCIS is the kind of show that has something for everyone. First off, it’s got a diverse group of characters – Team Leader Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs is tough but there’s no doubt he cares for his team, second in command is Senior Field Agent Tony DiNozzo, a big clown most of the time but when he gets serious, that’s when the bad guys should run. Then we have Agent Tim McGee, he’s a geek but he’s a geek with a gun. Then there’s Ziva David, a former liaison officer on loan from Mossad who’s given up her previous ties, become an American citizen and a full fledged agent.

Filling out the cast are some amazing supporting characters as well – Dr. Donald “Ducky” Mallard, a medical examiner who chats his way cheerfully through the ugliest crime scenes, his assistant Palmer who’s starting to follow in Ducky’s shoes. Finally there’s Abby, who is another reason why I fell in love with the show. A brilliant and always happy forensic tech who walks around in Goth attire and platform boots, she’s hard to miss.

The writing is top-notch, with story arcs that not only stretch across one season, but sometimes multiple seasons. Though that’s not to say that someone new can’t watch the show. Most episodes are about single cases that are solved by the closing credits, but they also slip in character studies and clues to larger storylines as well.

So whether you watch every week or only watch every once in a while; NCIS delivers entertainment every time.