TRUE BLOOD “Night on the Sun” Review

True Blood (HBO) Season 3 Tara

This week’s episode of TRUE BLOOD “Night on the Sun” was an emotional roller coaster, there were plenty of tears, what’s the deal with that? I didn’t have my tissues ready. But who cares if I was a mess, that was a brilliant episode and I loved it. The beginning had a nice change of pace especially after last week’s crazy episode, but then it went back to being the insane outrageous show we love. So let’s talk about it.


Now that Sam is taking care of Tommy, he’s realizing it might be a little bit more than he bargained for. Oh and am I right in assuming that there are some new shapeshifters in town? That could become pretty interesting, and by interesting I mean not good.


So his mother got out of the hospital and brought him and Jesus back together, yay! These two are really an adorable couple. I wonder if Jesus will help Lafayette get out of the V business.


Finally, she was given something interesting to do in this episode. I loved how she totally hugged Bill when he came back. It’s so sad to see how lost she is without him (and Hoyt). It was also great to get their relationship back on screen. And how great was their fight training session.


So Jason is getting his Fellowship Of The Sun gear out to go threaten Crystal’s father and fiance. Really? It doesn’t seem like a really good idea. And I have to ask, is it me or does it seem like they are making Jason a little dumber this season? He was never really bright to begin with but it feels like it’s getting worse.
As for Crystal, I have an issue with her whole storyline with Jason. I don’t get why she is so special that womanizer Jason would fall head over heels for her. I feel like it was never made really clear. Am I alone in this?


Even though Sookie had a really sweet moment with Alcide, she is still Bill’s girl. I’m so glad these two ended up together in the end. Oh and of course, Sookie was pretty badass in her fight with Debbie, I mean come on, she totally took on a werewolf, that’s not something just anyone can do.


I have to end with Eric because he probably had one of the most unexpected scenes in this episode. Yes, I’m talking about the sex scene with Talbot. Can’t say that I saw that one coming, although I did see the kill coming. It’s going to be quite an interesting showdown between him and the King, yes quite interesting.

Special Mention – Talbot

So Talbot’s dead now, but I had to mention how much I loved him and his tantrums. Plus he had one of the best lines of the night:

“You’re acting like a century-old child”

He’s going to be missed.


And for the famous cliffhanger, well it was pretty much Talbot getting killed and a torrid sex scene between Sookie and Bill. Am I alone in saying that I can’t frakking wait for next week’s episode?!

Now I want to hear from you guys? Did you love Sookie and Bill’s reunion as much as I did? What about Talbot’s crazy death? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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