HUNG “Beaverland” Review

Hung (HBO) Beaverland

On tonight’s episode of HUNG “Beaverland,” Jessica finds a beaver in the basement, but Ron thinks she’s crazy and finding excuses not to have a baby.

A big surprise comes to Tanya when Frances tells her she is so happy with Mike that she wants to book him for a weekend rate of $1,500. Poor Mike if he only knew. And I actually wonder how Ray is going to get him to date Frances for money. Although seeing as Tanya totally took the money for herself, he might not have to.

The whole deal with Mike also puts Ray’s “method” into question, as he wonders what Mike has that he doesn’t. And to make matters worse, Ray has to deal with a client who doesn’t like sex. And unfortunately for him (and her), even all his skills aren’t able to convince her.

Lenore continues her friendship with Jessica and pretends to be interested in Ray as a cover. That just doesn’t sound like a good idea. But what I really want to know is when Jessica will find out about Ray’s side job. That’s going to be an interesting conversation.

As for pitiful Tanya, she is still trying to get approval from her mother, bless her heart. When will she learn? But that’s why we love her I guess, sort of. Am I the only one who wonders how Ray is still in business with a pimp like her?

And to end the episode, they finally catch the beaver, but as Ray predicted break its legs. Poor beaver…

Another good episode in the life of Ray, the man whore. So what did you think of tonight’s episode of Hung “Beaverland”? Am I the only one who thinks this baby business won’t end well? Also do you think Ray will be able to convert his client into liking sex? And most importantly, what do you think of the whole Frances/Mike “relationship”? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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