DROP DEAD DIVA “Last Year’s Model” Review

Drop Dead Diva (Lifetime)--Last Year's Model

The “Last Year’s Model” episode of DROP DEAD DIVA finds both Jane and her client shoved aside when Parker assigns Kim the age discrimination/hostile workplace sexual harassment case Jane landed. They (barely) manage to work together and get their client an excellent settlement by hauling a random woman onto the stand and asking her if it’s reasonable to require female drug reps to go to the gym and wear short skirts and high heels. Grayson represents a couple who want to rescind their purchase of a house they believe is haunted. When Grayson investigates, he sees Deb twice, but it may or may not have been because of the toxic mold Vanessa finds in the walls. Parker and Kim take a step forward in their relationship after Fred more or less tells Jane about their relationship and Stacy and Fred grow closer when they both have trouble serving divorce papers on a newlywed.

The Jane-Kim relationship takes an interesting turn this week when Jane learns about Kim’s relationship with Parker. Jane had so loved the idea of being a rainmaker that she all but has a tantrum while Kim seems, dare I say it, mostly reasonable and mature. Not that Jane doesn’t have cause, but her courtroom antics and pouting are over the top. The good news is that Jane and Kim eventually make a good team. Yes, pulling a witness out of nowhere is ludicrous–Drop Dead Diva is many wonderful things, but legally realistic isn’t one of them and I just go with it–but Jane and Kim reciting the reasonable woman requirement in unison with the same “gotcha” expression rocks. They’ll probably always have a somewhat contentious relationship, but I think this episode, with Kim’s honesty about Grayson, marks a welcome turning point.

Speaking of Grayson: another week, another woman saving his case. His face when Vanessa finds the mold and he realizes Deb might have been a hallucination is heartbreaking. If he did see Deb, what would that mean about who Jane is? If he hallucinated, does it mean a part of him knows Jane is Deb? His line to Jane that he wants to believe Deb would find a way to stay close is a bit heavy-handed, but it does make me wonder. This may be my favorite Grayson episode so far. He’s humbled at the end in a way that bodes well for his character.

Margaret Cho does so much with so little. Teri is awesome on every level, but I especially love her expression at Kim and Parker after their microwave reflection moment. I’m an unabashed Stacy-Fred shipper, so I love the process-serving storyline, especially their identical reactions to the jilted bride. They’re finally having dinner together (so long as it’s less than $25) because she saw him talk about a very special woman. Parker doing the right and mature thing by formalizes his personal relationship with Kim by separating out the professional one is huge for him and I`m also glad to see him not fly off the handle at Jane.

All in all, a good episode of Drop Dead Diva. I like that both Jane and Grayson take hits tonight. It helps them grow and gives them a nice symmetry. What did you think of the episode? Any other Fred-Stacy shippers out there? Let me know in the comments.

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