ROYAL PAINS “Frenemies” Review

ROYAL PAINS (USA) - Frenemies

In the ROYAL PAINS episode “Frenemies,” Michael and Dr. Emily Peck are getting hot and a heavy, Heritage Hospital slams Hanks’ local clinic with Jill. That’s just for starters.

Meanwhile, Evan is still a paid-to-play boyfriend for rich Paige. Then he meet her parents and realizes he doesn’t want to fake it anymore. He agrees to go hunting, of all things, with them. Hank, Evan, Divya and Jill visit Jim, a fisherman patient with Hepatitis, who throws in big fish as bonus payments to Hank. He’s later called by a father, Jamie, to see his 7-year-old boy Jake, who seems to get sick a lot lately after time at his mother’s. The parents are divorced. It turns out the mom is Dr. Blair from the hospital who’s against Hank’s clinic and wants to start her own in the hospital – eventually.

In the land of Evan, it’s hunting time, paired up with Paige’s father, a retired General and CEO of a Fortune 500 company. He’s something of a pompous jerk. Evan accidently gets shot in the rear by him when he doesn’t follow instructions and the General later tries to pay him to stay away from his daughter. Evan says no. Hank does a scratch test for allergies on Jake, with not much in results. Then, during yet another rendezvous with Emily, he gets a call from Jake; his parents have collapsed in his room. The two doctors rush over, 911 is called and it turns out there was a carbon monoxide leak in the boy’s bedroom. At the same time, Evan’s called with a “912” – his shot rear, which Divya takes care of, Hank amused. Emily “steals” Jake as a patient, hired by his father, but derails and argument with Hank by taking off her clothes with another romp. Finally, Paige tries to pay Evan, who turns down the money and she asks him to dinner, saying he can pay. He likes that. Much.

As USA says, “characters welcome,” and there’s plenty of development in “Frenemies.” Though Peck (Anastasia Griffith) and Hank (Mark Feurstein) were flirty from the start, the push-and-pull of competition and now, sexual romps, hits a new peak. We see the “mean” Dr. Blair (Marcia Gay Harden) as a much more complex individual, too, Plus, there’s Evan (Paulo Constanzo) opting for possible love over his favorite thing, money.

It’s another winner from Royal Pains, from the little things, like the subplot with the fisherman and his grateful daughter, to little Jake and his “girlfriend” confusion talk with Hank to the aforementioned other developments. We’re seeing a build here, with just three more eps to go.

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