ROOKIE BLUE “Hot and Bothered” Review

Rookie Blue (ABC)

Episode 7 of ROOKIE BLUE, “Hot and Bothered” was about a heat wave hitting the city. It was convincing on this front, for rarely has an episode of tv made me feel so drowsy. Gail and Dov deliver a baby; Diaz sulks and moans while Nash tries to empathise; McNally kills a cop-shooting pedophile and feels so bad about it that she immediately rushes into Swarek’s muscled arms for a booty call because her blue eyed Callaghan is working on a homicide case (selfish jerk).

The episode started off with McNally chasing a crazy man down an alley; she trips and he rounds on her with one of those mini shovels used in fireplaces. She does not draw her gun… I suppose this is because she does not want to hurt the man. He might have family; he might just be crazy. When Andy McNally kills someone, the writers are going to make sure he deserves it. Out rolls a pedophile that has kidnapped and killed a lot of little girls (last summer, not this summer. This summer he’s just kidnapped them. And they’re either rescued or they’ve escaped from the Dexter-lair). Just to make sure we know he’s a bad guy, he also shoots a cop-not in the head, but in his bullet proof vest, from three feet away. Okay, I’m totally exaggerating. It was about five feet away.

McNally corners him and only when he draws his gun does she shoot him. It would have been awesome had she shot him without provocation. But of course that didn’t happen.

So she hooks up with Swarek, because there is no sadness a lot of sex cannot cure. But then she stops before the PG-13 line is crossed and goes home.

Oh, we also meet Swarek’s girlfriend. She’s a doctor. We know this because she introduces herself in plainclothes, carrying a backpack, wearing a freaking stethoscope.

Gail and Diaz are still together. As excited as I was about their relationship last week, this week it was just dull, going absolutely nowhere. Diaz did not want to make out with Gail because he was tired. And angry; he had a few tantrums which Nash called him out on-nothing too serious, of course. By the episode’s close they were together again and right as rain.

Dov and Gail delivered a baby to a hippie. It was really boring.

You know it’s not a good sign when you’ve checked the clock multiple times to see how much longer you have left to be bored. Maybe next week’s will be better, but there you have it. Another addition to a playlist called Insomnia Cures.

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