EUREKA “Crossing Over” Review

EUREKA "Crossing Over"

This week’s cross over fun between EUREKA and Warehouse 13 continues in “Crossing Over” when Claudia Donovan from Warehouse 13 visits Fargo to check out the new technologies at Global Dynamics (and possibly rekindle something?). Claudia and Fargo have a little history from when Fargo visited Warehouse 13 to help upgrade their operating system, and it’s actually cute to see them together. Unfortunately, the whirlwind tour takes an odd turn when strange objects begin appearing out of thin air, with some destructive and dangerous consequences. Henry and Dr. Grant have continued their experiments with the time travelling device, hoping to use the wormhole technology to improve space flight, but it turns out that they may be pulling stuff from the past into their present. Redwoods in Global Dynamic’s lobby, a 50’s era fighter plane in Carpe Diem, no one knows what or where the next object will appear.

As Claudia and Fargo go in search of the next possible apparition, Henry tells Carter that he thinks the device may have left an unstable wormhole, which would explain the 1940’s era items showing up. If left unchecked though, it would mean that 1947 and 2010 Eureka would try to occupy the same space, leading to the town’s destruction. Dr. Grant does provides the requisite scientific explanation, that some exotic particles may have come through the wormhole they generated, and these particles are acting as “magnets” bringing 1940 items to the present. The good news is that the effect appears to be location specific. The bad news is that these “magnet particles” are converging on Dr. Grant which have the side effect of almost killing him.

Things haven’t been going as well for Claudia and Fargo, who find a spike of radiation while out in a field, that brings with it the security fence for 1940’s Eureka, along with the minefield surrounding it. Claudia almost sets one off, but, using some ingenuity, Fargo and her are able to delay the fuse long enough to get away and start some smooching (!). Unfortunately, the smooching leads to them to pressing on another mine, leaving them in an awkward position. This leads up to sweet moment between the two of them, until it’s interrupted when Carter comes to the rescue and defuses the mine.

Back at Global Dynamics, Allison and Henry think they have found a way to neutralize Dr. Grant’s exotic particles using a neutralizing goop that Fargo had created for Claudia to take back to Warehouse 13. When this appears to fail, they turn to the nanobot nicotine patch Allison had fitted on Grant, hoping to reprogram the nanobots to eliminate exotic particles instead of nicotine. Henry’s reprogramming works, saving Grant and causing the particles to dissipate while taking the 40’s era relics with them. As the episode draws to a close we see the time travelling crew starting to truly accept their present, and Fargo sends Claudia away with some nice parting gifts (and some more kissing).

Kudos again to the team at Eureka for another great episode, this show has become must see television again with the time travel storyline. It was good to see that the time traveling group has really started to accept their situation, finally realizing that going back to the original Eureka ain’t gonna happen. Guest starring this week was Allison Scagliotti (Claudia on Warehouse 13) and she was a lot of fun in the episode, a great partner in her scenes with Fargo. The writing staff did a good job in creating a storyline that fit well with the crossover between these two sci-fi shows, while not feeling forced onto the current Eureka storylines. Claudia really seemed to fit in well in Eureka, and if Warehouse 13 ever goes off air (I hope never!), the producers should try to get her back on a permanent basis. Daemon’s TV recently participated in an interview with Allison and Neil Grayston (Fargo) where they talk more about what it was like to do the crossover episodes.

Lastly, the writing for this episode was especially great. Bonus points for working in both Fargonator and an Airplane! reference, though a slight deduction for the punny episode title. These were some of my favorite lines from “Crossing Over”:

Claudia – “What’s up Bitches?”

Fargo – “One day of getting to look like I know what I’m doing, is that too much to ask for?!”

Dr. Grant – “Looks like I picked the wrong day to quit smoking.”

So what did you think of “Crossing Over”? Is Dr. Grant the new obstacle between a Carter/Blake romance? Do you think that Eureka and Warehouse 13 can coexist in the same universe/reality? Let me know what you think in the comments. Next week on Eureka, it appears that the artificial intelligence devices in Eureka have come up with a mind of their own. Catch “Momstrosity” at 9 PM on SyFy.

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