BURN NOTICE “Center of the Storm” Review

Burn Notice (USA) - Center of the Storm

In the BURN NOTICE episode “Center of the Storm,” a hurricane hitting Florida as Michael Westin and crew check out the Bible they found containing code. He hopes the sinister Simon, imprisoned somewhere, can break it down. He’s contacted Vaughn, a former partner in agency doings, but Vaughn wants the bible instead and doesn’t want to set up a meet, warning about Vaughn.

Meanwhile, Michael’s upset that mom Maddy with Jesse didn’t leave town for the hurricane. Two FBI agents need Michael to help find a witness, James Bailey, whom some Turk baddies want dead. A gun dealer coerced by Michael and Sam turns over info on the hitman, Cole. Michael finds his apartment, but things go awry when he’s stuck in a rigged-to-explode trap, Cole thinks Michael is another hitman and they work together, Michael literally under a gun, though.

Meanwhile, Vaughn shows up at Fiona’s and tries to talk her into handing over the Bible, offering to get Jesse his former job back suggesting Simon will corrupt Michael. She turns him down. Michael saves Cole from electrified water and they bond a bit, but not much. With some sneaky CB radio talk between Michael and Jesse with Sam acting like truckers, they find Bailey’s girlfriend’s house, where he’s holed up and she, it turns out, is pregnant. But the actual second hitman, Reese, turns up with his men, firing on Cole and Michael on a rooftop. His cover blown, Michael runs out, Cole follows in the emergency vehicle they’d stolen, but crashes it. Barreling into the house, Michael get Bailey and his girlfriend, Joanne, into the kitchen as Cole enters, ready to kill Bailey. Michael talks him out of it, says he’s not a killer. They take out some of the killers with a make shift flame-throwing air conditioner rigged by Michael, who’s about to be shot by Reese when Cole steps in, trains his pistol on Michael, then decides otherwise as Michael suggests he head for his dream retreat of Antigua.

In the aftermath, the FBI guys say they owe Michael one, and they threaten Vaughn as Michael then demands a meeting with Simon. Fiona had told him about the deal Vaughn offered, but said she had faith in Michael.

A lot of elements come into play during “Center of a Storm.” Even the hurricane is a lynchpin of the interaction between Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) and Cole (Jon Seda). Key moments come as Michael notices a distinctive Marine tattoo as a bomb diffusion specialist. Also quite intense was the scene between Fi (Gabrielle Anwar) and the pretty nasty Vaughn (Robert Wisdom). The FBI agents are nicely snarky, too.

Things are clearly coming to a full-boil now as Burn Notice heads into its final episodes of the season, with Michael set to meet with Simon, warned Simon will get into his head. Some big reveals are sure to come.

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