BIG BROTHER 12 Week 4 Live Eviction/ Week 5 HoH Competition

Big Brother (CBS) - Live Eviction #4

It was showmance versus showmance this week in the BIG BROTHER house. After Britney didn’t use the POV for either Hayden and Kristen, the secret couple knew that one of them were going home, and it would most likely be the girl in the silly unitard.

As we’ve learned from previous seasons, the silly costume is the kiss of death for Big Brother contestants. Casey lost his battle last season while wearing a silly banana costume and the minute Kristen put that tie-dyed mess on, she all but confirmed her exit. But that didn’t stop the lovely lady for trying her hand at sticking around and playing the game. Hayden, a bit freaked out after learning that Britney wasn’t sticking to the plan and didn’t take him off the block, thought there was a possibility that he could be the one to go. No worries, Brendon lets him know that he has his back, probably because Brendon still thinks he’s just one of the dudes, like Enzo and Lane. Oh silly Brendon. Hayden let’s Kristen know that it would be weird if she campaigned against him, but quickly changed his mind and said he wouldn’t hold it against her. Ugh Kristen, come on this is getting weird. Why doesn’t this dude seem really bummed that he might be going home or that you most likely are?

Elsewhere Britney, afraid that not using the POV will come and bite her in the butt, decides to tell Enzo, Kristen and Hayden that when she discussed using it with Rachel that Lane’s name was thrown around for being put on the block and she didn’t want to take the chance to mess anything up. Now, here is where I’m confused – If the Brigade is a secret, why would Hayden care if Lane goes up? Yeah, they are friendly, but if it would save you or your lady friend why would you care unless you have a deal with them? I think this was the moment a spark went off in Kristen’s head and she figured out that something wasn’t kosher with the dudes.

When Julie checks in with Rachel, the current HOH, they discuss why she keeps on kicking the women out of the house. Rachel said she wasn’t doing this on purpose, but it just ended up this way since those people were specifically gunning for her and “her man.” Ugh if I have to hear say “Nobody can get between me and my man” one more time, I’ll shoot my computer. Back to the folks on the block – Hayden was confident in his numbers, with the Brigade and Brendon’s votes, and didn’t feel the need to campaign at all, he just sort of hung out and exercised with the dudes. And finally Kristen realized there might be something behind this and began campaigning, slightly, against Hayden with Ragan and Britney. When discussing the odd friendship Hayden has with Enzo and Lane, Kristen wonders if they could be in an alliance. Ragan doesn’t believe it’s a real alliance yet, but more like a bro-ship. Oh silly Ragan. Well at least we know that the Brigade is doing the best job covering up their alliance this show has ever seen. Kristen then warns Britney about how all the women are getting picked off and that she will be next if she isn’t smart. And while Ragan and Britney thought about what Kristen said, I think it was just a bit too late in the game.

In the meantime, Julie checks in with Hayden and Kristen’s friends and families. We learn that Kristen’s boyfriend is shocked to see her relationship with Kristen. And Hayden’s family seemed to like the way he was playing the game, so it felt like this filler was to prove that Kristen was in fact a jerk and not worthy of saving. When the voting begins, everyone except for Kathy vote for Kristen to get the heave-ho. Kristen says her goodbyes and goes out to join Julie Chen and discuss her game. Kristen, stoic as always, seems content with losing to Hayden and when watching the goodbye footage from her house mates she finds out that she was right about Rachel being jealous of her, and heard from others that her last ditch effort of trying to convince people Hayden was in a secret alliance was wrong. And then her last message, from Hayden, confirmed that he was in fact in an alliance, which he kept from her, and that if he had the choice, which he did, he would have kept her safe. And when Julie asks Kristen what she thinks of the news, she says she’s not angry and understands that this is a game. Unfortunately, his game just got you kicked out of the house, which should bother you very much. Kristen, still in her hippie unitard, leaves and says she will need some time to figure out what she wants to do in regards to her relationships. Ugh, so another lady bites the dust and the useless Brigade retains another member.

Now, we see the houseguests, minus Rachel last week’s HOH, jump up on a massive paint can and try to keep on there until they win. We won’t find out who won until this Sunday, but if you watch the live feeds you already know – I won’t spoil it here. And it seems that America voted and that there is a possibility The Saboteur will return and the role will be played by Ragan that is if he takes on the challenge.

What do you think about Ragan being the Saboteur? Who do you think will be the HOH? And if it isn’t Brendon, do you think the other showmance is headed to the block this week?