Allison Scagliotti Spills Some WAREHOUSE 13 Spoilers

Warehouse 13 (Syfy)

When Allison Scagliotti took some time recently to talk with Daemon’s TV, she revealed a few spoilers about what’s to come on WAREHOUSE 13, so shield your eyes if you don’t want to be spoiled.

  • Next week’s episode will find Pete becoming affected by something very bad. And his behavior will causes everyone to wonder if maybe he’s fallen off the wagon.
  • In episode 7 titled “For the Team” (airing on August 17), Claudia will get her first field assignment as a junior agent. Pete will be recovering from the event mentioned above, which leads Artie to send Claudia out as his replacement. And even though Claudia might have a hard time finding her footing at first, leading her to try and copy Myka (not a good idea). But she will eventually find her own agent mojo.
  • In another episode Claudia will also get to go out into the field with Artie.
  • H.G. Wells (played by Jaime Murray) will be back to complicates things once again for the Warehouse 13 people.
  • Fans of Todd (played by Nolan Gerard Funk), you will be happy to know we have not seen the last of him, he will be back in episode 9 titled “Vendetta” (airing on August 31). Apparently there’s something more than meets the eye with Todd. Yes, you have guessed it he’s hiding something, but fear not, we will get some resolution with his character this season.
  • Towards the second to last episode, Claudia will find something out about her destiny and it’s going to be extremely overwhelming for her.

Pretty exciting, isn’t it? Any thoughts? Are you looking forward to seeing any of these storylines as much as I am? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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