PSYCH “Chivalry Is Not Dead… But Someone Is” Review

A guy takes a half-gainer from a balcony in the opening scene of tonight’s episode of PSYCH, called “Chivalry Is Not Dead…But Someone Is”. As it turns out, the guy didn’t die from the fall, he was poisoned. Shawn and Gus have a theory that it was the man who taught the victim how to seduce his older date and Lassiter and Jules think it was the widow herself. As they each trail their suspect, they are surprised when all four of them end up at the same location as the teacher and the widow go on a date together. To get to the truth, Shawn does some smooth-talking and gets a date with the widower, setting Gus up with her friend.

When Shawn gets (barely) poisoned himself, he thinks he’s found the murderer – an ex boyfriend of the widow, but then that guy turns up dead too. Finally they figure out that it’s the widow’s friend all along, she was in love with the woman and poisoned anyone who threatened to get in her way.

My favorite bits….

Shawn spotting no wrist or ankle fractures in the victim and knowing it meant that the guy was already dead. That was pretty smart.

Lassiter referring to the ladies’ dates as “Ken dolls”.

Lassiter’s only argument for why it’s okay for an older man to date a younger woman and not the other way around being “Because it’s gross”.

Shawn calling his father “that lonely bald guy in the corner”.

Prescott telling Shawn and Gus “If you’re going to create a fake occupation, at least make it sound real” after hearing they were psychic detectives.

This line – “Have you ever been tested for idiocy?”

Shawn and Gus getting a thank-you note from a suspect. I bet that’s never happened before.

Shawn sounding a little worried that his dad might actually be starting to like him.

For having no gentlemanly training, Shawn was doing a pretty good job of seducing the widow.

Shawn’s line “You’ve just pushed my competitive button and now it’s ON.”

Gus having to point out that the “earrings” were, in fact, cufflinks.

After being told to ask his date a question, Gus’ gut reaction is to go for “Exactly how old are you?”

Gus inviting his date to touch his head because “women of all ages say it has magical powers”.

Shawn taking the time to name his murderer before he passed out. Now, that’s dedication.

Everyone feeling the need to clarify that Shawn was “barely” poisoned.

Finding out that Henry once took Prescott’s class.

Everyone finding their prime suspect dead in a sauna.

How many times everyone said “naphthalene” (yes, I had to Google that).

Lassiter looking excited by the prospect of shooting his way through the traffic jam.

Overall a pretty good episode of Psych, with lots of funny moments and even a seduction or two. What did you think of Psych “Chivalry Is Not Dead… But Someone Is”? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.