BIG BROTHER 12 Week 4 PoV Competition/ Veto Ceremony


Hippie Unitards, Solitary Confinement and Pinball Wizards – Oh My! Wednesday’s BIG BROTHER was all about the aftermath of the Veto Competition, but first let’s further chat about this week’s nominations. Putting Hayden and Kristen up on the block certainly seemed to freak out the house, but more so Rachel’s call for them to “bring it on.” Brendon realizes that Rachel’s awful case of verbal diarrhea will greatly affect his game, so he begs her to apologize to Hayden and Kristen and the rest of the houseguests to take this looming target off their backs.

Rachel just doesn’t seem to understand that everyone in this house hates her and praying to win the HOH or Veto competitions each week are not perfect strategic moves for her and her man to stay in the house. Brendon, if wise, will start working with the other members in the house to redeem his game, but is there anything redeemable about a guy who loves such a horrid girl? I guess we will just have to wait and see.

For the veto competition, HOH Rachel, nominees Hayden and Kristen, Enzo, Britney and Ragan battled it out with Brendon leading the charge for their Pinball Wizard game. The object was to shoot a massive pinball into the veto slot and each person who scored the lowest in the round were eliminated and asked to pick a prize from under a wizards hat. Kristen got out first and grabbed the Power of Veto, but she knew there was no way she was going to keep that thing. Enzo left the game with a 3-D TV, Ragan won a chance to participate in next week’s POV and then Rachel got ousted, where she could give someone another chance, bringing Ragan back into the game and having him eliminated right away. This time he won $5000 and since there is no need for him to have a target on his back, he traded with Rachel for the POV participation ticket. Rachel freaked out over having another target, but it is what it is. Hayden was then eliminated, took the POV from Kristen, giving her a hippie unitard for a week, and left Britney the winner. But Britney wanted the POV and didn’t feel bad taking it from Hayden giving him her 24-Hour Solitary confinement. Rachel thinks this confirms her friendship with Britney, but it lets us see that Britney has an actual understanding of the game and how to possibly win. And when Kristen, in her hippie unitard and wig, was trying to hold Hayden’s hand under the door of his solitary confinement room, you actually felt that these two might like each other and a bit bad for them.

Hayden and Britney decided they wanted to stick around and hatched up a plan to convince Rachel to help Britney use the POV to take Hayden off the block, put up Kathy and then pretending to set up an alliance between Britney, Hayden, Kristen and Rachel and Brendon. And for a bit, it seemed that Rachel actually believed this could happen. But during a meeting with Britney, Rachel figured out that while nominating Kathy would be a safe bet, it isn’t a guarantee to get Kristen out. When Rachel says she might put someone like Lane up, a floater who would most likely stay, Britney begins to change her tune and realizes that Rachel will not just shut up and agree with their plan. And since Lane is Britney’s friend, or possibly secretly more, she decides to hold onto the POV and not use it on either houseguest.

So with the Brigade in his pocket, it’s almost a sure thing that Hayden will stick around for another week. And if he does stick around, can this Brigade finally make use of this strong alliance? I don’t want them to flaunt it, but at least use for other things then just saving your own hides. And when Kristen inevitably gets the heave-ho (once again shame on the ladies of Big Brother for just continuously fighting each other than with each other), all of the rest of the guests are guaranteed a spot in the jury house, which according to Matt was most of their goals anyways. Come on folks, lets get this game in full swing and make some interesting moves.