TERRA NOVA Pushed to Fall 2011

FOX’s TERRA NOVA, the highly anticipated science fiction/family drama show from Steven Spielberg has been pushed back from its previously announced midseason run to a fall 2011 bow. Viewers will still get a taste of the show in May when Fox shows a special preview, much as it did with Glee in 2009, but then the waiting begins again. Fox president Ken Reilly said in a press release that this preview would give Fox the chance “to introduce this bold show,” which “will be one of the most visually stimulating and dramatically grand series to air on network television” to audiences.

Terra Nova follows a family that goes 85 million years back in time to help correct humankind’s mistakes and avert the extinction humans are facing in the year 2149 due to pollution, overcrowding, and overdevelopment. Jason O’Mara (Life on Mars) stars.

(Source: Hollywood Reporter)