ROOKIE BLUE “Hot and Bothered” Episode 7

Rokkie blue abc

Take a sneak peek at the upcoming episode of ROOKIE BLUE titled “Hot and Bothered” Episode 7 which airs on Thursday August 5, 2010 (10-11:30 p.m. ET) on ABC.

Episode Synopsis: ROOKIE BLUE “Hot and Bothered” Episode 7 – A severe heat wave wreaks havoc on the city, making life on the streets even more perilous for the new members of the squad. The danger multiplies with the discovery that a serial rapist may be on the loose. Amid the chaos, Andy is cut off from her backup during a sudden citywide blackout and is challenged with taking down a vicious predator — alone. Meanwhile, Andy also makes an unexpected romantic decision that’s certain to complicate her life on and off the job.

“Rookie Blue” stars Missy Peregrym as Andy McNally, Gregory Smith as Dov Epstein, Charlotte Sullivan as Gail Peck, Enuka Okuma as Traci Nash, Travis Milne as Chris Diaz, Ben Bass as Sam Swarek and Eric Johnson as Detective Luke Callaghan. Also starring in the series are Melanie Nicholls-King as Noelle Williams, Matt Gordon as Oliver Shaw and Noam Jenkins as Detective Jerry Barber.

Guest starring in “Hot & Bothered” is Sabrina Grdevich as Anna Vetter, Amy Lalonde as Monica Dunn and Diego Fuentes as Wade.

“Hot & Bothered” was written by Russ Cochrane and directed by David Wellington.