MAKE IT OR BREAK IT “Party Gone Out of Bounds” Review

Make It Or Break It (ABC Family)

Relationships take a front seat this week on MAKE IT OR BREAK IT. More specifically, changes in these relationships are the focus. “Party Gone Out of Bounds” finds the girls with a rare day off from training, just as Austin invites all of them to a party.

The day off results from Sasha asking Summer out for dinner. They agree not to tell anyone, but both tell Kim. At the restaurant, they run into Steve and Chloe. Kim suddenly shows up (courtesy of a text from Sasha) to corroborate the story that Sasha, Summer, and now Kim are on a business dinner. In the restroom, Summer lectures Chloe about setting a good example for Lauren and Emily, leading to changes in Summer and Steve’s extracurricular activities.

Kaylie declines the party invitation from Austin on behalf of everyone. She tries to convince Austin to leave the girls alone. Translation: stop flirting, looking so cute, and distracting me. He challenges that they will show up to his party, despite her iron grip on them. Kaylie decides that she must go to the party, convinced that Emily lied about having to stay home with her brother. Kaylie makes her entrance by falling into the trash bin, only to determine that Emily isn’t at the party. But then in a snap, Emily appears there after Lauren sends her a photo of Kaylie and Austin. Everyone can sure get around quickly on Make It or Break It!

Kaylie gives up after one too many mentions of party girl Kaylie versus controlling, uptight Kaylie. As she leaves, Austin gives her words of advice, saying he knows the pressure she is under to defend her title and that he sees her good intentions. He gives her a kiss, and tells her to stop thinking so much.

Ever the leader, Kaylie warns the girls when she sees the police coming to the party. They swim to safety and Kaylie admits she has been a tyrant, but not anymore. She will support them but not control. They throw away their promise rings, agreeing to each take responsibility for themselves.

The big conclusion has Chloe catching Lauren and Carter in bed together. I don’t think Make It or Break It could stuff any more relationship issues into this episode or the show. From STI awareness to the topic of casual sex to no sex until marriage, I think the bases are covered. However, it is good that they are representing the entire gamut and saying that it is a personal choice.

Lauren has really mastered the art of manipulation and opportunity. Can her relationship with Carter survive? Why is she even with him; why is he with her? Questions also abound over how Summer and Steve feel about each other. Can Steve and Chloe’s relationship survive Chloe’s sudden whims? She is so easily influenced. Does Sasha really respect Summer’s beliefs? Will Summer survive her two fibs; do you think she is sanctimonious or pious? Austin is very understanding-first with Emily and then with Kaylie; who is next? Will Emily, Kaylie, Lauren, and Payson become stronger friends or more competitive?