COVERT AFFAIRS “No Quarter” Review

Covert Affairs (USA)

Annie is sent to Zurich to do what should be a run-of-the-mill “brush pass”, in this episode of COVERT AFFAIRS called “No Quarter”. When someone else shows up with another briefcase and sets off a flash bomb, Annie is forced to make her way to a safe house. There she meets up with her contact, a Mossad agent named Eyal who turns out to be the only person in the country Annie can trust. The two of them have to do everything from repel down an elevator shaft to crashing a wedding to get away from lots of bad guys and get back the package than Annie had been forced to hide.

Meanwhile there’s a leak at the Agency and Joan’s entire team, including Auggie, is put under scrutiny to find out who it is. Auggie passes with flying colors but not before having to give Annie to another operative and leaving her even more out in the cold.

In the end, the leak turns out to be with Mossad and Annie and her contact finally do the exchange for the packages and finish their mission.

My favorite bits….

Annie comparing Auggie to a St. Bernard because “when you’re feeling low, they bring you booze”

Cracking up when Arthur discovered that Joan had redacted the sports page on his newspaper.

Arthur taking Annie away from Joan and suggesting that she’s too close to discover who the leak might be in her own department. Oh boy, something tells me he’s not going to be getting any toast soldiers anytime soon.

Getting a kick out of Annie and Eyal arguing with each other in the safe house. I couldn’t decide if they were acting like a big brother and little sister or if they actually liked each other a little bit.

Eyal totally not kidding when he said an agent never gets separated from his package. I especially liked how he used it as a towel.

Eyal finding the bondage gear in the closet and complaining that the last time he was stuck in a safe house all he had to play with was Scrabble.

Finding out that apparently having mean-ass older brothers is a prerequisite to learning how to beat a lie detector.

Annie’s plan to hide the briefcase backfiring on her when it ended up under the bride at a wedding. Oops.

Just waiting for a car to slam into Annie and Eyal as they were driving and talking about spending time on a beach. That effect has been used so much that unfortunately it’s starting to become a little predictable these days.

The pretty impressive way the blood splattered when Eyal shot the bad guys.

Eyal being more embarrassed that the Mossad team didn’t take them out than the fact that the leak turned out to be with his own agency.

Overall I really enjoyed this episode of Covert Affairs. Oded Fehr is one of my favorite actors and he did a great job as a Mossad agent who gave Annie a run for her money in the “sexy spy” department this week.