WHITE COLLAR: Is Neal Getting A New Love Interest?

White Collar (USA)

Now that Kate is out of the picture for good on WHITE COLLAR, it means (even if it’s a little morbid) that Neal (Matt Bomer) is back on the market. And with a new female character being introduced on the episode “Unfinished Business” airing Tuesday, August 10 for a 6-episode arc, could this mean a new love interest for Neal?

The character in question is Sara Ellis played by One Tree Hill‘s alum Hilarie Burton. Sara Ellis is an insurance investigator that gets involved with Peter and Neal, with whom it becomes clear she has a past.

When Daemon’s TV caught up with Hilarie Burton to talk about her guest starring role in the show, she had this to say about a potential romance between her character and Neal:

I think that every girl who gets cast on ‘White Collar’ has high hopes that she’ll be the one that Neal falls for after Kate’s death and I’m no exception to that at all. He’s dealing with a very huge tragedy and so I think it’d be tasteless for him to automatically hook up with another woman. I think it would invalidate his feelings for Kate which motivated him for the whole first season.

But having said that I’m signed up for six episodes so who knows what happens over the course of six episodes. That’s a half season. I have high hopes for it. We’ll see what Jeff Eastin wants to do with it, but Matt is a lovely man and so nice and so fun to work with. So it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if I had to go to work and pretend that I loved him. I’m sure that there are worst things that I can do in the world.

I think we can all agree that it wouldn’t be hard for any of us ladies to pretend to be in love with Matt Bomer for a living. But more importantly, I think it would be fun seeing Neal getting some love from someone that is on the right side of the law for once. Just a thought.

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