WHITE COLLAR “By The Book” Review

White Collar (USA)

Mozzie gets a girlfriend in this episode of WHITE COLLAR, called “By The Book”. Okay well, not exactly. The girl he likes is a waitress who gets kidnapped because of her boyfriend. The guy is a limo driver and decides to take some money he sees lying around, hoping that no one will notice a bunch of brief cases full of cash have gone missing. Well that goes over about as well as you’d think it would and when Mozzie actually witnesses the kidnapping, he gets not only Neal but the rest of the bureau involved as well.

In the end Mozzie puts himself in danger when the boyfriend backs out of the drop. He does save the day and she does break up with the guy, but unfortunately not before deciding to move to another state. Not that I can blame the poor girl after the week she’s had, but I felt sort of bad for Mozzie.

My favorite bits…

An orange ascot becoming a sign of “I kinda like you”.

Peter offering up his way cool Quantico pen as a prize for anyone who solves a case.

All of Mozzies various ways to keep people from getting on the elevator. My favorite was him telling people that Neal was claustrophobic and might hurt someone, especially since Neal went along with it and acted a little nutty.

Mozzie’s big plan when he gets to Gina’s house is to knock on her door and run. Smooth, Mozzie, really smooth.

Peter knowing that something was up with Neal when he came off the elevator acting “shifty”.

Finding another use for ink toner.

Peter and his team referring to Mozzie as the “little guy”. LOL.

The terrified way Mozzie walked into the FBI office.

Neal saying that he’d have to look up the definition of “stalking” in order to answer whether or not Mozzie was doing it to Gina.

The way they managed to piece together what Gina was doing in the park with all of the tourist’s cameras. Genius.

Neal telling Mozzie to trust that Peter would find Gina because he found him.

Knowing that there was no way Mozzie and Neal were going to stay out of the way like they were told.

Jones acting like a thug to help Mozzie and Neal with their little plan.

Waiting for someone to realize that Mozzie was leaving a clue when he gave such specific pages and paragraphs in a book.

Neal explaining the perfect exchange to Neal while Mozzie was dictating it to the kidnappers.

Mozzie being more upset that his plan didn’t work than the fact that he was about to get killed.

Mozzie disarming a bad guy in one ultra smooth move. Okay wait. WHAT???

Gina breaking up with her boyfriend but also deciding to move away, oh no poor Mozzie.

Peter asking Neal how it felt to walk in his shoes after Neal admitted that Mozzie had him worried.

Neal finally getting than pen he wanted, by pickpocketing it. Yep, that’s about par for the course.

Overall I really liked this episode of White Collar as it gave us a change to get to know Mozzie a little bit better.

What did you think of this week’s episode of WHITE COLLAR “By The Book” in the comments below.