secret life of the american teenager

THE SECRET LIFE OF THE AMERICAN TEENAGER often reminds me of A Clockwork Orange. Season 3 Episode 9, ‘Chicken Little’, was no exception.

Watching it is being strapped to a chair by the sheer inconveniency of an out-of-reach remote control and extreme laziness, assaulted with images of wholesome Christians with their made-up angst and quirky (I mean quirky as in annoying) dispositions discussing (and I mean discussing as in brainwashing) us with abstinence-or-else storylines of weak, desperate girls and stupid guys accompanied by a pseudo-serious but really annoying soundtrack that would make Beethoven stick a conducting baton in his eye.

On the grown-up front, Mr Juergens gives Mrs Juergens the business to run over a romantic dinner. Grace sets up a double date with Grffin, his cousin Grant and Peter. Peter lies, denying his is gay as he fears what his parents might say. But his parents know and it turns out they were the ones who suggested him for Grace’s double date. Grace and Grant hit it off and that kiss she shared with Ben is so totally last week.

Adrian’s father, playing God, decides that Ben should marry Adrian to preserve her… image? Innocence? Take your pick. He reasons that: “Love doesn’t have to be all about passion, it can also be about practicality.”

Ben freaks out, Adrian freaks out. In the end, nothing comes of his plans.

Ricky goes to see Adrian at the behest of her father Reuben who, in return for what he hopes to be a stable support for his daughter, is trying to get Ricky’s mother out of jail. He meets Adrian, kisses her, but the chemistry between the two is gone because of the baby. After they have a nice long talk and when Ricky leaves, we learn that Adrian is still in love with him.

Ashley witnesses the kiss, and immediately picks up a phone call from Amy who has decided to give up the French horn. She comforts her sister, and is not angry that her sister kissed her baby daddy. Seems New York has matured her which is a considerable feat not even teen pregnancy and parenthood could accomplish.

I sincerely hope Amy returns soon since Ashley as the show’s protagonist is a downhill slide of sheer tedium. If you like this show, you’ll have loved this episode. If you did not, you can only laugh. Or overcome your laziness, get up and change the channel.

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