PRETTY LITTLE LIARS Episode 9 “The Perfect Storm” Review

pretty little liars episode 9

We are one episode away from the season finale of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS and the tension is heating up in more ways than one. Like the tornado that is threatening to ruin the SATs, the characters go through a whirlwind of emotions, feelings and secrets in episode 9 of Pretty Little Liars “The Perfect Storm”. On a side note, is it really the best plan to have all of the kids stay in the library full of windows when a tornado watch has been issued?

Back to the characters, let’s start with Emily since her story was the most prevalent tonight. We see Emily returning home the night of the memorial wet and dirty which only leads the viewer to believe that she was the one that destroyed Alison’s memorial. As we know, though, nothing is ever quite as it seems the first time around and toward the end of the episode someone else turns up with dirty shoes. As Alison’s cruelty knew no bounds, it isn’t surprising that there would be more than one person that would want to destroy her. Turns out that Emily only wanted to apologize to Alison at the memorial for the awful, yet probably deserving, things she wrote in the letter she sent her a mere few days before her death. A’s text regarding burying Alison seems to also reference Emily’s attempts to bury her feelings for Alison.

On a personal note, Emily’s flashbacks revealed her true feelings about Alison. Sadly, they also reflected the evil that seems to be second nature to Alison. We see Alison playing with Emily’s feelings, encouraging her at one point, rebuking her the next. Then there is the outright taunting. Again, I am left to wonder why were any of these girls friends with Alison?

The storm also brings Mr. Fitz blowing back in at the most inopportune moment. Just when I thought we were finally going to see Aria move on with Noel, they are interrupted by the soggy English teacher. This leads to a confrontation between Mr. Fitz and Aria where Mr. Fitz barely gets to talk, Alison fills in the blanks, and then finally seems to leave him behind. Somehow, I think Mr. Fitz had other plans. With Aria accepting a date with Noel and finally making amends with and accepting her family situation, Mr. Fitz may have made his decision too late in the game. As cute as he is, I wish he would accept a position in New York or start a torrid affair with Aria’s mom. Anything but rekindle his spark with Aria would be most welcome.

Speaking of sparks, am I just imagining that one appears to be growing between Hanna and Lucas? He helped her sell the purse which provided them with their own little inside joke at Mona’s expense. Hanna sticks up for him and spends most of the lockdown time with him. Unfortunately, Emily wasn’t the only one with dirty shoes and I doubt Lucas will say he was also apologizing to Alison. How will this development affect Hanna and Lucas’ new relationship?

As far as relationships go, Spencer finally seems to have found a solid one. Alex is sweet and reliable and does not appear to have a fiance in sight. Of course that just means he has a secret. Luckily we find out that the secret really belongs to Spencer’s mother who ultimately approves of their relationship. How sad was the proclamation by Spencer’s mother that imperfections are not tolerated well in their family. Tough home life for everybody. No wonder Spencer is such a perfectionist.

Finally, we see the return of creepy detective guy. Honestly I do not even remember his name. Why he is allowed to wander freely wherever he wants is baffling. This time, however, he is quickly put into his place by Spencer’s mother who is my new favorite character. It is about time someone called him on his interrogation tactics which could easily be called bullying. Was it necessary to force Emily to spill the contents of the letter? Clearly he is trying to turn the girls against each other and is convinced that one of them is the killer. He also appears convinced that Toby Cavanaugh is involved. Does that mean he is still alive?

I know the last time I mentioned the possiblities as to the identity of “A”, a commenter disclosed who A was in the books. The creator of the show has indicated that they do not plan on following the books for that plot line, though, which leaves the question wide open. So at the end of the episode I started thinking about how hard Emily has been targeted as opposed to the other girls. The photo booth photo, Toby Cavanaugh, the letter, and most recently the video of Alison flirtatiously saying “I know you want to kiss me” presumably to Emily. Does A have it out for Emily the most? And if so, does that make Maya “A”? Right now that is my guess.

Who do you predict A is? Share your predictions and thoughts on this week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars “The Perfect Storm” in the comments below.