PLAIN JANE (CW) “No Risk Jane” Episode 2

Plain Jane (CW) NO RISK JANE

Watch a sneak peek of the upcoming episode of the CW’s PLAIN JANE titled “No Risk Jane” Episode 2 which airs on August 4, 2010 at 9pm on the CW.

Episode Synopsis: Plain Jane “No Risk Jane” Episode 2 – From skydiving to speed dating, Louise yanks a USC student out of her comfort zone, helping this “Jane” to open up and gain the courage to tell her crush how she really feels.

Show Summary
The series is hosted by British fashion expert Louise Roe. In each episode, Roe will use her expertise to transform one woman from the inside out. There will be a total of six episodes this season and each one will feature a new “Jane” looking for a change in her life. She will receive a head-to-toe style transformation, including a new wardrobe and confidence-building exercises.

In addition, Plain Jane will also focus on giving each woman the chance to make her romantic dreams come true. Once the transformation is complete, the formerly plain “Jane” will surprise her unsuspecting crush with her new look and reveal her true feelings to him. A love connection is – or isn’t – made.

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