MEMPHIS BEAT “Suspicious Minds” Review

An empty plane lands in the middle of a picnic in this episode of MEMPHIS BEAT, called “Suspicious Minds”. Dwight and his team have to figure out where the owners went, running through the usual suspects – including a business partner and an angry stepson before finding out what happened. The owner of the plane had been tricking people into giving him money, strangely by telling them that he was a lottery winner. When all the bills became too much and the invention that was supposed to make him actually rich didn’t work, he took it out on his wife and killed her. Then he tricked his stepson into helping him escape.

For the first time in the last few episodes I felt not one iota of sympathy for a character caught in a crime on Memphis Beat. Between beauty queens wanting to run away, wives of drug dealers having no choice but to kill their husband’s, we’ve seen Dwight struggle with the decision to put people away. Not so this time. This time the guy was a disgusting lowlife and Dwight was happy to put him away.

At the end though, we get our first taste of an underlying story arc as Dwight discovers evidence that the father he admired may have been a dirty cop. I’m very interested to see where that goes.

My favorite bits…

Dwight taking down the snooty lawyer with a story about his dad and how his father wouldn’t have hit someone over a stuffed animal, especially in front of him.

Squealing with delight when I saw that one of my favorite actors from Supernatural, Richard Speight Jr was guest starring on the show.

The Lieutenant telling the navy man “be careful, I could be your mama’s friend”. LOL!

Whitehead trying to push his “ghost plane” theory on everyone.

Cracking up when Donald came flying in the door, gunning for blood..and was subsequently tasered by Sutton. Too hilarious considering I just saw three characters get tasered on The Good Guys last night.

Reggie catching his friend in an um..compromising position in the alley. Boy, I bet that was the last thing he was expecting when he went out for some fried chicken.

Loving the awesome shot of Dwight leaning against the ’64 GTO, with an amazing Memphis sky behind him.

Donald turning out not to be the bad guy, but just a good son trying to help his mama.

Gasping out loud when the body just sort of rolled out of that box in the storage unit. So gross.

Being completely sickened by the stepfather’s views on family and feeling very happy that Dwight caught the bastard.

Seeing the lawyer show up at the bar just in time to see Dwight sing one of my all time favorite songs.

Dwight finding money cut in half in his dad’s old books and his reaction when he asked the lawyer about it.

Overall I liked this episode but I’m even more intrigued by where they ended it and what this means for Dwight.

What did you think of this latest episode of Memphis Beat “Suspicious Minds”?