HUGE “Spirit Quest” Review

HUGE (ABC Family)

Tonight’s episode of HUGE titled “Spirit Quest” opens with Dr. Rand leading a prayer session at camp. (The shot of Will at the window looking in was perfect, like a poor little beggar girl.) At last minute, George is picked to lead the campers on a spirit quest, where they ultimately are supposed to connect with their true self. Poppy is slightly bitter about not being asked to lead. So George fumbles along with the group, until Poppy takes over with activities meant to enlighten the campers, including pairing them up with the last person they would have chosen for themselves. The most successful pairing is Alistair and Trent who have a heart-to-heart after bonding over mushrooms and their effects upon consumption (a scene worthy of a PSA warning). This leads Alistair to reveal that Chloe is his twin sister (shocker!). The least successful pairing is Will and Amber, who runs off (really far off) to answer the call of nature, only to end up getting them both lost. George finds them, at which point Poppy starts thinking better of his leadership skills. But what would she think if she had seen the kiss between George and Amber? Paired with former friend Chloe, Becca spends the episode reminiscing about their past relationship. Finally, Dr. Rand goes on a date with Wayne (with her natural curly hair flowing) at the urging of her father.

The purpose of a spirit quest is to discover the real you. In order to do so, you have to “let go” of yourself. You have to get out of your comfort zone and see yourself differently. This episode showed all of the characters “letting go”. It was good to see a feisty Will again, although it would have been better if it didn’t involve a dirty donut. She has been a bit muted and almost defeated in the last couple episodes of Huge. Alistair surprisingly shared a part of himself with Trent, who unexpectedly seemed to take it in stride (Why?). [Call me slow, but I only just figured out in this episode that Trent’s friend, who likes Chloe, is named Phil (isn’t he?). This whole time I have been thinking that he was called Michael.] But I digress. George and Amber let it go a little too far with their kiss. And it seemed like Becca was saying goodbye to her past friendship with Chloe as she thought about their history together. Dr. Rand’s father let down his tough demeanor, orchestrating the date between Wayne and Dr. Rand, in order to try and be a better dad. Dr. Rand quite literally let her hair flow (amazing what a swim session will do to your hair) and agreed to go on the date with Wayne.

Huge is really starting to develop the stories, personalities, and relationships of the characters. I hope the show continues to make us feel for them and root for them.