THE GOOD GUYS “Don’t Tase Me, Bro” Review

Dan’s hatred of technology makes him a tasing machine, leading to the exposure of a federal witness on the “Don’t Tase Me, Bro” summer finale of THE GOOD GUYS. As usual, Dan and Jack start with a simple case-stolen bikes this time-and it snowballs. The Kid Finder-equipped bikes were payment for a bookie and during a confrontation, Dan accidentally tases the bookie and then Jack, who could not possibly look funnier as he falls. The bookie is a federal witness informing on the Boston mob, so Justine the sexy Marshall with no patience for Dan steps in. Because of an internet video of Dan’s spastic tasing, the Boston mob sees one Mike Sullivan alive, well, and snitching, so they send mama’s boy assassin the Duke to Dallas. After an explosion, a voluntary arrest, a hijacking of a federal vehicle, a ramming of a federal Marshall`s car, a failed payoff of 100,000 stolen dollars, an armed standoff, and another tasing, the Duke is in custody, Mike’s safe, and a big honcho in the Boston mob is arrested.

This episode is so full of win I can’t cover it all, so please add in the comments, but rejected Dan, Dan in love, and broken-hearted Dan are beyond awesome. Whether he’s yelling “We don’t need a plan; we’ve got love on our side” before throwing himself through the window or saying about Justine, “It’s like looking in the mirror and having the hottest woman in the world staring back at me,” he’s at his inarticulate best. Dan also gives the best apology and non-apology (You want an apology, too, Twiggy? Fine. I’m sorry you cried like a girl when I shot you with my toy plastic gun.”) ever, I’ll never again be able to see ACLU without thinking Ackloo, and every imitation of Jack being tased, especially Liz’s, has me rolling with laughter.

The always great music hits a new high. Between Dan singing Air Supply while listening to a ginormous Walkman, the delivery and bombing perfectly coordinated with “Radar Love,” “Dream Weaver” floating over Dan’s pre-ambush ambush where he finds Justine and later wakes up snuggling his dog and Justine`s sock (“I`ve sniffed all of her out of it”), and “Love Hurts” blasting while Jack tases Dan and the Duke, every choice is perfect.

My only complaint about “Don`t Tase Me, Bro,” and this goes for the entire entertainment industry: stop making actors use Boston accents. It’s obviously too wicked hahd for anyone who isn’t from here or named Amy Ryan, so enough, already. Other than that, this is one of the fastest, funniest hours of television I can remember. The Good Guys goes off the air until Friday September 24, and given its low ratings, I’m afraid FOX will just burn off the remaining episodes, so if you’re a fan, tell your friends because this show is getting much too good to disappear.

What did you think of “Don’t Tase Me, Bro?” What great lines/moments did I miss? Tell me in the comments.

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