THE GATES “Jurisdiction” Review

The Gates (ABC)

In tonight’s episode of THE GATES, titled “Jurisdiction”, the unthinkable happens when a woman is found murdered with a vampire bite on her neck. Amongst all of THE GATES‘ more unusual inhabitants, there is a rule about not doing your business within the walls. For vampires, feeding or killing inside is punishable by death and Nick is tasked with finding out who could have done it. In the end it turns out the ex-husband was involved and the vampire had only been trying to turn Barbara, in order to save her life.

Meanwhile Andie, not realizing the truth about her mother and not wanting to take her side-effect riddled medicine, instead tries some good old fashioned self control with Charlie. The results are not good, leaving Charlie unconscious and Andie running away to finally take her medication.

Also, the ladies of The Gates are working on separate fundraisers and thanks to a lot of rain and the innocent suggestion of Sarah, the vampire and werewolves find themselves doing something they don’t normally do – working together.

My favorite bits…

Vampire bites being written off as “ritualistic fetishes”.

Being a little surprised that 90% of the people in The Gates are “normal”. Funny, I would have thought those numbers ran the other way.

Nick adding a crucifix to his gear before stepping out on a case.

Claire confronting Christian about Barbara’s murder and finding out not only that he didn’t do it but that he’s still in love with her.

The look on Claire’s face when she saw Christian walk into her house, followed by her husband. Awkward.

Being torn between wanting someone to tell Andie the truth about her mother and knowing that it would devastate her if they did.

Finding it incredibly creepy the way Christian talked to Emily, knowing how he felt about Claire.

Nick having Dylan followed so he could figure out who all the other vampires were, including Barbara’s partner.

A vampire vs. werewolf battle being brought down to insults about sunscreen and silver chokers between two housewives. Awesome.

Nick and Dylan working together to try and save Gloria, once they knew that she was trying to save Barbara and not kill her.

Freaking out over the way Andie’s “rash” crawled over to Charlie when they kissed, before he passed out.

Literally doing a triumphant fist pump when Nick shook Dylan’s hand, finally realizing that if any of the other vampires found out what Dylan did for him, they’d kill him. I’ve been waiting for him to wake up and stop distrusting Dylan just because he’s a vampire.

Being completely creeped out by all the “masks” Devon hung up. I have no idea what they mean but I doubt it’s anything good.

Buckley showing the video he had of Teresa’s murder to Nick and Dylan.

Overall another tense episode of The Gates, bringing a few characters closer together and showing others that it might be best if they stayed apart.