THE CLOSER “Layover” Review

THE CLOSER "Layover"

If I was listing some of my favorite TV crime-fighting duos, I’d pick Scully and Mulder, Crockett and Tubbs, Scarecrow and Mrs. King, and after tonight’s episode of THE CLOSER, “Layover,” I’d have to add Provenza and Flynn to the list. How these two keep their jobs is a mystery to me, but man, they are fun to watch. Their double date with those two airhead flight attendants ranked right up there with the time they left the dead body in Provenza’s garage and went to the ballgame, although the episode where they were pallbearers at their buddy’s funeral and dropped the casket remains my favorite (I think they were telling that story to the ladies when they were in the interview room).

Tonight’s case involved stewardesses smuggling “drug drugs” into the country in bags of airline coffee, and using Provenza and Flynn for protection once things went bad. Even though the ladies were about half their age, poor Provenza and Flynn really thought they were into them, and I felt bad when the one flight attendant said, “If you ever came to Dallas, my mama would go out with you.” How the two detectives allowed themselves to be outsmarted by these two skanks (“I think I may have been a cow in another life”) is just beyond me.

One of the funniest parts of “Layover” was Chief Pope’s reaction to Provenza and Flynn’s shenanigans (Brenda: “Well, before you get angry, last night Lieutenants Flynn and Provenza…” Pope: “Yeah, already angry.” Brenda: “They struck up a date with a couple of stewardesses…” Pope: “What is this, the 70s?”). Of course, Brenda picked this inopportune time to tell him that she might apply for the chief of police job. He seemed angry at first, but, by the end of the episode, he seemed amused and said she wouldn’t get the job in a million years. What’s up with that? Does he really have no faith in Brenda or was he just trying to make himself feel better? And is he right about Brenda’s lack of control over her squad hurting her chances?

Fritz also managed to wheedle his way into the drug smuggling investigation, and he and Brenda had a sweet moment in her office. For once, Brenda actually played nice and shared her case with Fritz, and it was good to see them getting along and not fighting like last week.

I love when The Closer does funny episodes like “Layover,” and I look forward to them every season. I think the ability to go from heartbreakingly serious to lighthearted and funny from week to week is the sign of a great show.

So what did you think of tonight’s episode of The Closer? Do you love Provenza and Flynn as much as I do? And when Brenda says, “Thank you so much,” do you think she means, “You know where you can stick that?” Let me know in the comments!

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