Recap: BIG BROTHER 12 Week 4 Nomination Ceremony


So where were we with BIG BROTHER? Oh right – Andrew, fearful that this was his last few moments in the Big Brother house and knowing deep down that no one in this house would save him, he decided to unleash a few secrets he had been holding onto. Mainly, he wanted the house to know that not only were Hayden and Kristen most definitely hooking up and hiding it, that they were discussing how to beat everyone in the house, including the still undiscovered Brigade alliance.

While we learned this during the elimination episode last week, what we didn’t get to see was the infighting that occurred after Andrew released the bombshells and the secret couple adamant denial of actual events. And since none of this information ending up saving Andrew, at least it clued in the rest of the house to the goings on. And after the HOH competition, which secured Rachel her second term as a HOH, the drama crept back up – specifically in between Rachel and Kristen. Now me, if I see someone who could evict me out of this house getting all pissy I would just let them, but for some reason Kristen decided to fight back. And that became an all out verbal fight between the two ladies, encouraging various catfight comments and overall confirming that Kristen will be up for eviction this week. Matt and Ragan, smartly, hide away during this fight to avoid being hit by anything and to stay off the radar. Smart move guys since it seems Rachel wont be happy until she kicks out every girl in this house.

The Brigade has a meeting to discuss what is going on with Hayden and Kristen, since they know there is some truth to what Andrew said, and they decide that if they get Kristen out of the house Hayden will continue to be a force for their team. Hayden at this time chats up Rachel, apologizing for any outbursts that came out of his mouth during her fight with Kristen and saying that they are not a showmance. Rachel, knowing full well this isn’t true, takes Hayden’s apology but says she knows him and Kristen are secretly hooking up and that this will definitely affect her nomination decisions.

Now with Rachel, whose power trip is getting pretty ugly and seemingly damaging to her and Brendon, nothing is off limits. She now believes she is a super strong player and made sure to call out “floaters” after her win to let those who have been squeaking by know she would have her eye on them. This terrified Kathy, as she is essentially the definition of floater in this game, but since she is truly not a threat to any human, it would be a waste to nominate her. The other thing about Rachel is her absolute cluelessness that no one likes her, and that her shrill, screechy voice isn’t helping. When she gets the key to her HOH room, most of the guests run up to kiss her butt and find out anything they didn’t just a mere two weeks ago, while Kristen and Kathy chatted up in another room. Kristen might not be playing the game well right now, but at least she didn’t look silly like Enzo pretending to care about Rachel.

Ugh and here is the voice again, now in a police uniform. The guests are told by a pre-recorded message from Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell, which they couldn’t seem to grasp was recorded, telling them about their new movie “The Other Guys” and how the guests could win a special screening. The guests, in their diary room interviews, all say they desperately need to win this since they have been kept away from the real world for 30 days now. I can’t imagine being stuck with Rachel’s voice for 30 days, but I guess that’s why I’m not in the house. Also, I always get a bit weirded out when the product placement is so obvious, but I guess if it entertains these fools it’s worth it. So now it’s time for the luxury competition to figure out who will win, which makes the group break into groups of three and carry a car as a team through a copesque obstacle course with the fastest team winning. The red team is Lane, Britney and Matt, the yellow team is Kristen, Kathy and Ragan, leaving the green team with Brendon, Enzo and Hayden. The green team narrowly beat the red team, and Rachel, since she is HOH, gets to join in on the screening fun.

So after the challenge Kathy decides to tell Rachel that she didn’t pick sides when she hugged Kristen earlier and that she doesn’t deem herself a floater. She tells Rachel that she wont be gunning for her if she ends up winning and would support her and Brendon if she gets into the jury house. PEOPLE…. The object of the game is to win, not get into the jury house. This is what Matt has been complaining about, the lack of motivation. Anyways, Kristen, after chatting with Hayden, decides to attempt to make amends with Rachel and once again, calls her a liar and doesn’t seem to have any remorse for acting like an ass this week. Kristen does present a good case for being a force for Rachel and Brendon, but honestly I think it’s too late. Although Rachel seems confused now, prompting Brendon to tell her she can’t call Hayden and Kristen out in front of the whole house and then not nominate them. Those two have to go up this week, but you never know with Rachel.

When the nominations finally occur, we find out that Rachel did in fact stick to her plan, putting Hayden and Kristen on the block. Her explanation, which could have been simple, was detailed and antagonistic. She basically calls them out for not really playing the game, having a relationship and tells them to bring it. And Kristen makes sure she will be brining it this week. Oh my. Brendon can you smack some sense into your girl or you and her will definitely be up on the block next week? It’s not hard to be normal and interact with folks when you are in a position of power.