LIE TO ME “Headlock” Review

LIE TO ME (FOX) - Headlock

I feel like we really got to see how much the team respects Cal in tonight’s episode of LIE TO ME, titled “Headlock”. Because when everyone finds out that he’s connected to a murder victim and will end up as a suspect, all of them do whatever it takes, even at the possible expense of their jobs, to help him. Torres cuts Cal’s image out of some incriminating video and even Agent Reynolds lies to his boss in order to hide the fact that it’s Cal’s DNA that’s under the victim’s nails. You don’t do that sort of thing unless you really care for someone and respect them and I’m also sure Cal would do the same for any of them.

After dancing around the FBI and keeping them off his own tail, Cal finally helps to nab the actual murderer, with the help of the agent in charge of the case. No small feat, considering the two of them have some history there and don’t really like each other all that much.

My favorite bits…

Cal not quite managing to hide his look of surprise when he recognized the victim of the murder.

Cal adding “devilish good looks” to the description of the man last seen with the victim.

Admiring the use of fire and a dumpster as a pretty nifty distraction.

The look the bad guy gave as he walked into the interrogation room and recognized Torres. Oh man, so scary.

Cracking up when Cal’s picture came up on the screen behind the eye witness and just waiting for him to spot how much it looked like the guy he saw in the alley with the victim.

Cal not only intimidating the poor druggie so much that the guy became unsure who he saw, but then giving Agent Reynolds as his alibi. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – that man’s got some serious balls.

Finding out that Foster’s boyfriend is actually an undercover agent for the DEA and it reminding me of NCIS when the same thing happened to Tony on that show. So interesting to see it from the other side this time and I felt for Foster as she began questioning everything about her relationship with a man she thought was someone else.

Cal “accidentally” telling Bernard that he wasn’t taking him for a “tool” instead of “fool”. LOL!

Being pretty darn impressed when Bernard boss busted out some Spanish to get the brother to admit to the murder.

Cal messing with both Foster and the boyfriend when he ran into them in the hall, knowing for sure that something was up but not sure what.

Overall a fairly intense episode of Lie To Me that kept me wondering how Cal was going to clear his name and find the real murderer with so much evidence pointing at him as the prime suspect.