LEVERAGE “The Boost Job” Review

Leverage (TNT)

A girl who reminds Parker of herself as a young car thief gets too close and Parker almost gets the team killed in “The Boost Job” episode of LEVERAGE. Duke Penzer (a sleazily slick Bill Engvall) sells hot cars out of his dealership and a teacher gets caught with one of them, so the team infiltrates both the dealership and the chop shop/car theft ring. Their plan goes to hell when Parker tells Josie, who is so much like the young Parker we flash back to, to stay away from the sting they’ve set up and guns are pointed at the entire team, but it miraculously works anyway.

The overly simplistic plot has a few too many holes and contrivances and I`m starting to worry about the team`s recent sloppiness, but this is a fast and (mostly) furiously fun episode. We learn more about Parker’s past–she stole cars starting at age twelve and was a bat poop crazy getaway driver before that, but her car thief mentor abandoned her when they boosted a bait car. Being confronted with her past makes her sad and empathetic, so she tries to save Josie, endangering and infuriating the team. Eliot’s “I’m gonna kill you, Parker” leads to Hardison’s “Nobody’s gonna kill anybody, but, seriously, Nate’s gonna kill you.” Heh. Actually, Nate helps her protect Josie by hooking her up as landscaping crew for the victim–i. e. getting her around the right people. Aww. Hardison and Parker team up in their usual awesome way. She has total faith in his abilities and keeps him focused–it must be love. Also, on the shallowest level, is it just me or has Aldis Hodge become exponentially hotter?

Though this is a Parker-centric episode, Sophie steals the most scenes. Neuro-linguistic programming has never been sexier than when she sells cars. Her kneeing Nate to “sell the bit” and make up for his earlier bum slap is fabulous and she is the perfect mom to Nate’s angry dad when she gets him to go easy on Parker. Nate may think he’s boss, but Sophie rules the roost. As for Nate, now that he accepts that he’s a thief, he seems to be having a lot more fun with the cons as he out good ole boys Duke and tries to keep Eliot`s car. It’s an Eliot-light episode, but wow can that man take (and give a beating) and make the most adorable 911 call ever. His “and I think they’re speaking Spanish” delivery kills me.

Great Archie (“I thought Betty was the fast one”), Jaws (We’re gonna need a bigger boat”), and Ghostbusters references tonight and I love Parker’s “mall of crime” and “they might shoot you a little” lines. Bill Engvall is perfectly cheesy as Duke and the young Parker flashbacks are awesome. “Get out of the way, you old bat” by both young and present Parker is both hilarious and terrifying. Though the plot of “The Boost Job” is occasionally irritating, the cast and dialogue more than make up for it and I’m thrilled by the news that Leverage has been renewed for a fourth season.

What was your favorite part of “The Boost Job?” Are you glad Leverage is sticking around? Sound off in the comments.

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