HUNG “A Man, A Plan or Thank You Jimmy Carter” Review

Hung (HBO) Thomas Jane

Last night’s episode of Hung found Ray trying to cheer up his colleague and assistant coach, Mike. Poor Mike. With a last name of Hunt and a first name of Mike, he is a walking teenage prank. Ray tells Mike that he is important to the school and to the team and has him repeat the mantra “Today is a great day and I feel wonderful.” Despite the fact that Mike looks awful and feels awful, he goes along with Ray. Little does he know that later Ray will need his assistance in quite a different way which will ultimately make Mike actually feel wonderful.

Tanya finally landed the wealthy client, Francis. Despite Francis’ reluctance at actually going through with the date, Tanya coaxes her into paying just for dinner to start. Tanya has quite a way with clients. She listens to them and figures out exactly what it is that they are seeking. She even goes so far to buy cologne for Ray that has been marketed to the “over 50 crowd.” Once Francis mentioned her dinner dates with her former husband, Tanya knew she had landed her. Five hundred dollars for dinner with an elegant woman in a nice restaurant doesn’t sound too shabby to Ray either.

However, things take a different direction after Ray’s son Damon decides to test the waters at an open mic night. Cheering him on, or hiding in the corner actually, is Dar. Damon’s poem borders on the creepy, or at least the embarrassing for Dar. It probably doesn’t help that Damon intently stares at her while reading it and emphasizing certain parts. Damon, however, is quite proud of his poem and the crowds’ reaction. He happily grabs two scones offered by a coffeehouse worker on the way out. Just when I wondered to myself why the guy seemed so happy to be selling scones, grinning while saying “get sconed,” it turns out there was something a little extra special about the scones. So special that we find Damon at home crawling around the floor and generally acting “weird”, as Dar puts it. He then proceeds to have a meltdown after seeing Jessica and Ronnie naked and arguing.

Of course, this means Ray needs to rescue Damon so that Dar doesn’t have to tell Jessica about the special scones. When Tanya tells Ray to find someone to help him, Ray finds Mike. Naturally, Tanya meant help with Damon not the client, Francis, but Ray did not feel right about leaving Damon alone. Remember when I said in a prior review that it was not a good idea for Ray to have told Mike things that were so close to the truth? Little did I know that a mere episode later, Mike would basically be laying out the whole Happiness Consultant business plan. Mike reluctantly agrees to help Ray. Tanya flips out when she hears the news.

Meanwhile Jessica and Ronnie are trying to have that baby that Ronnie wants and to which Jessica accidentally agreed. However, Ronnie’s incessant talk about wanting the baby, what it would look like and whether Jessica is off the pill is somewhat of a mood killer. It is that discussion that leads to a naked Jessica and Ronnie running around and Damon trying to go through the wall of his sister’s bedroom. Although the discussion between Dar, Jessica, Ronnie and Jessica’s mother was the best of the night. After Jessica’s mother insists that children should never see their parents naked, Jessica reminds her that she used to take Jessica in the shower to clean her. Jessica’s mother waves her off by saying she was too young to remember to which Jessica responds, “I was fourteen!”. We need more of Jessica’s mother’s oneliners in the show.

In the end, Mike did not blow the date. He actually offered to buy Francis dinner. I thought he might change his mind when he saw the bill, but he didn’t. Somehow I think Francis had the same thoughts. Unfortunately, however, the date went so well that Francis wants to see Mike again and Mike really likes Francis. Sounds like Happiness Consultant lost their wealthiest client and Tanya lost her biggest contribution to the business. A wonderful day, indeed.

Although we did not see a lot of Lenore this week, the meeting between her, Ray and Tanya was quite humorous. Lenore insisted that Tanya stay away from her and Horny Patty whom she declared was suffering from post traumatic stress disorder from the kidnapping. Speaking of Horny Patty, Tanya finally tells her boss off and pretends to tell Ray that she will not be a customer anymore. However, she takes it a bit far by pretending that both she and Ray are so happy about it that they are going out to celebrate. It was obvious that Patty was hurt and we all know how Patty reacts to rejection. I don’t think Tanya realizes what she got herself into there.

It is going to be interesting to see what happens to Happiness Consultants now that at least one person knows of Ray’s side job and now that one of their wealthiest clients is off the market. Will Tanya be able to find someone else to take Francis’ place? After all, it was actually Lenore that brought Francis in, Tanya just closed her. If only Lenore and Tanya could learn to work together, I think they would make a great team. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below.