TRUE BLOOD “Hitting the Ground” Review

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After what seemed like a really long week, it was time for a new episode of TRUE BLOOD titled “Hitting the Ground.” Last week ended with Sookie being fed on by Lorena and her signature scream. And this week opens as usual right where we left off. So let’s talk about this really exciting episode.


He is still on his “high” from meeting Crystal and just won’t let that go. He wants to find out more about her, so what does he do? He goes to “interrogate” the guy he put in prison of course. Hilarious! Oh and it doesn’t stop there, Jason also goes to ask Lafayette to get him (no not V that was the first season) but some meth. Wow, just wow. There are no words. Yet I love watching him each week.


We didn’t get to see Jessica this episode, but we did see a bit of Hoyt. And turns out he has a new girlfriend… maybe. I gotta say though, I don’t find Hoyt as interesting without Jessica. And for that matter, I wish they would give Jessica more to do this season than to randomly glamour and bite people.


I’ve been liking Sam a lot this season. And in this episode we found out that he apparently has a way with dogs even when he is in human form. I also love the fact that he is taking care of his little brother. I wonder where that story will go, because you know his parents won’t let that go without a fight.


Eric finally finds out what is so special about Sookie, which has him quite surprised. Of course we still don’t know what the big deal is. But the fact that the Queen was willing to sacrifice her human to keep the secret makes me think it’s something big. Hopefully we’ll find out before the end of the season.
And in other news, Eric finally rescued Pam, yay!


Now that we know Joe Manganiello has been made a regular cast member, it’s kind of exciting to find out what his character does now because you know it won’t end there. Case in point Alcide shot Cooter right in the face and I have a feeling his ex Debbie won’t be letting that one go anytime soon.
Also am I the only one who wishes we would not only see him as a werewolf more, but also find out more about them in the fist place?


All I have to say is that Sookie is lucky to have a badass friend like Tara who can bust you out of a vampire mansion.

Sookie and Bill

But of course, the biggest and best part of tonight’s episode was all about Sookie and Bill.
First, Sookie finally killed Lorena, that was a long time coming and I’m glad she’s finally out of the picture. She was seriously getting on my nerves with her obsession with Bill.
Bill, on the verge of death, went crazy and started feeding on Sookie to the point that he put her in the coma. Which leads us to find out that she has no blood type and that sunlight didn’t end up killing Bill (is it possible because of Sookie’s blood?).
Even weirder, while unconscious, Sookie goes in some weird after-life type of place where people seem to be dancing, drinking water from a really, really, really deep pond, as well as swimming in it. And while we’re not sure what that was all about, we do know that Bill arriving in the hospital cast a shadow on the place forcing everyone to flee inside the pond. I’m guessing that all of it is related to Sookie different, but how? Now that’s what I want to know.


And finally, we end on another cliffhanger this week, well I would say sort of two cliffhanger. On the one hand Sookie wakes up after Bill gave her his blood and once again starts screaming, although we’re not sure if she’s screaming at Bill or something else in the room. On the other hand, we get the King of Mississippi beheading the Magister, which I guess will not be the end of it. I mean someone’s going to be unhappy, it’s pretty much guaranteed.

So that leaves us waiting for another week to see more of True Blood. But in the meantime, share your thoughts on the episode. Did you enjoy the whole Bill and Sookie drama? What about Sam, do you think there is more to his family drama than we have seen yet?

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