SCOUNDRELS “Birds of a Feather Flock Together” Review

Scoundrels (ABC)

Cheryl celebrates her birthday and changes jobs again on the “Birds of a Feather Flock Together” episode of SCOUNDRELS. In her job at an insurance agency, newly ethical Cheryl learns her boss Penny pushes through false claims for employees and confronts her on it while flagging her friend Alice’s iffy, but legitimate, claim. She refuses to accept a promotion and continue Penny’s work but she does ensure Alice gets the money she deserves, snagging herself a partnership in Alice’s business while she’s at it. Wolf cuts Logan out of his life when Logan confesses he hasn’t worked on the appeal and Cal feels an unexpected sting when Mrs. Hong cuts him out of the life of his probable child.

Holier than thou Cheryl bends her rules more than once. She doesn’t want her birthday cuckoo clock, not because it’s hideous, but because it came from Charlie’s store, yet her furniture that came from there is fine because that was from “before.” She proselytizes to Penny about stealing from the company right before boosting Penny’s car in an attempt to “steal from the bitch and give to the poor,” and she breaks into Penny’s home and blackmails her into paying Alice’s claim. Brenda Strong plays Penny as the supreme Queen of the Bitches, so it’s hard not to root against her, but Cheryl’s condescension makes it equally hard to root for her. Logan taking the fall for not working on Wolf’s appeal doesn’t help, either, nor does Cheryl’s inability to take her own advice in realizing that not everything is as it seems. Logan is so not the good son here: he just finds ways to justify the crap he pulls. Kind of like Cheryl. On the other hand, Virginia Madsen nails every scene and her flirtation with Sergeant Mack is kind of hot, so there`s that.

The Heather-Chantal scenes are painful. Heather is so desperately wannabe famous that she’s the easiest mark ever, and Chantal rolls right over her even after Hope’s warning that Chantal is keeping Heather close only because she sees her as “the new blood nipping at her spiked heels.” Hope shows her West family loyalty by destroying Chantal’s hair., and Logan could learn from her. Cal figures out Logan slept with Patty, but Logan refuses responsibility because it was really Cal-as played by Logan-who slept with her. Oookay. Cal has bigger problems with Mrs. Hong’s pregnancy, and may I add to the chorus, “Why didn’t you use condoms, you moron?” How dumb and/or blind is Mr. Hong, anyway? And why doesn’t Patty notice Cal’s magically disappearing/reappearing beard?

This is the tightest written episode of Scoundrels yet, but the one dimensionality of most of the characters makes it hard to get and stay involved. With Cheryl getting a permanent job and Wolf realizing Cheryl is avoiding him and Logan isn’t helping him, maybe there can finally be actual character development. I hope so.

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