‘Saved’, episode 8 of PERSONS UNKNOWN found Joe strapped to a table in some sort of laboratory, Renbe and Kat in South America still on the trail of the organization, Graham and Moira sorting out some personal issues and Tori returning from the dead.

So Joe is actually Father Joe, a priest from South America. He is forced to endure painful procedures of brainwashing as the ‘program’ tries to eradicate his love for Janet. Because I never felt that Janet and Joe’s bond was anything truly deep, it was not difficult to see Joe turn away from her-at least in the lab. What will happen when he comes face to face with her next week? I look forward to that confrontation. The revelation that Joe, unlike Janet, did shoot someone when he was ordered to was exciting. Janet shot the camera, if you remember, but Joe, as a priest, shot a man, guaranteeing his passage through the program.

Tori makes a welcome reappearance, this time as Joe’s nurse. “I am what they need me to be,” she tells Joe when he questions her vocation. The fact that ‘they’ includes her father, Ambassador Fairchilds, elevates the creepiness. Remember, ‘they’ also needed her to be a hooker.

Graham and Moira’s relationship gets more complex. She is still confounded by the revelation that he was a hitman. Graham is understandably annoyed that she is still harping on about this, despite the fact that they settled it in last week’s episode and, even more importantly, he has led the group and saved everyone’s lives several times. But he then loses all of my sympathy with the line: “You’re the only person who saw me for what I am on the inside!” Puke.

Eventually he hears her scrubbing and finds her wiping clean the walls of her bedroom. She tells him she’s not interested in the writings if he’s not interested and he assures her he is interested and then tries to kiss her. She backs away from the awkward situation and he leaves, embarrassed. Then she whispers “if only you knew” and we’ll have to wait until next week to see the resolution of my favourite relationship.

Blackham finally serves a purpose and becomes remotely interesting: he has a sort of breakdown, and later discovers the shock barrier has been taken down to allow him to escape. However, he realizes he has nowhere to go, and returns. Does this mean he’s passed the program?

Renbe and Kat meanwhile meet the sole escapee of the program; a patient in a mental institution in South America. She is eventually taken (again) by the program after conversing with Renbe and Kat. Aside from figuring out Joe was once a priest, their story was the same old Amazing Race plot it’s been for the last few episodes.

It was an episode where everyone seemingly had a breakdown. It was an episode with enough developments to be entertaining, but the show lacks the sort of energy and depth that a show like Lost oozed. The world of the show is unconvincing: when Erika looks through Janet’s dossier, she notes that she is exactly who she claims to be: “a mother of a six year old.” Really? Is that how a person is defined? How about a job, a home, her parents, her husband, the concerts she’s gone to, the college she attended or the bills she’s paid. They’re small details, but it’s the small details that build a show.

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