THE GLADES (A&E) “Mucked Up” Episode 4

Check out some photos from the upcoming episode of A&E’s new original series THE GLADES “Mucked Up ” Episode 4 which airs August 1 at 10pm on A&E.

Episode Synopsis: THE GLADES “Mucked Up” Episode 4 – Jim is introduced to the intensely competitive world of Florida high school football as the small town of Pahokee prepares for the annual “Muck Bowl,” an event that draws national attention because of the many NFL players who came from that area and who have played in that game. When the dead body of a businessman emerges from the muck in a sugar cane field days before the big game, Longworth must figure out who would want the man dead. Pohokee’s star player appears to be the most viable suspect, but Longworth’s boss, Colleen Manus, warns him not to cause a disturbance in Pahokee since the game means everything to the community. But Longworth is not going to let anything, not a little muck and certainly not a football game, stand in the way of getting the killer–or killers. Guest stars Bobby Bowden (legendary Florida State football coach)

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