SURVIVOR: NICARAGUA Season 21 To Be The Battle For The Ages

Survivor: Nicaragua (CBS)

The next edition of Survivor Season 21, SURVIVOR: NICARAGUA will be a battle for the ages…literally. The 20 new castaways will be divided into two Tribes of 10: Young vs. Old. The Espada Tribe, made up of individuals over the age of 40, must prove they have the life experience and knowledge that will ultimately help them Outwit and Outlast their younger competitors. The La Flor Tribe, consisting of individuals 30 years of age and younger, will have to use their youth and vitality to Outplay and ultimately Outlast their elders. Who will prevail: youth or maturity?

SURVIVOR: NICARAGUA moves to a new night this fall and will premiere on Wednesday, September 15 at 8pm on CBS.

Who’s your money on? The younger team or the older team? They both have things going for them so this might be a very interesting season.