ROYAL PAINS “The Hankover” Review

Ooh, a Hamptons-goes-Vegas “Hangover” episode for ROYAL PAINS, only it’s called “The Hankover,” for lead character Dr. Hank Lawson. Things open with the “day after” including Divya and Jill in the back of a cab, discovering they got tattoos. From there, everyone wonders what the heck he or she each did the night prior that they should regret. So we go back to yesterday as Hank treats a patient he recognizes, years on, as the guy who picked him in Junior High. After helping a young woman with a dislocated shoulder with a stripper pole in her apartment belonging to her roommate (so they take a business card), and later hire to throw Raj, Divya’s fiancé, a bachelor party, they find out it was her all along who struts her stuff as “Karma.” The bash at MIA Boris’ estate turns huge and wild and by the morning Evan thinks he killed Raj, pushing him over a balcony while Karma stole his van. It turns out Raj is fine just passed out and had given her the van, Evan got raging drunk and even “danced” on the pole. The girls had a night on the town and that morning on the beach, save the life of the cabbie, whose glucose issues have sent him into a near-coma. At the hospital, hey run into Hank and Evan with the former school bully as the guys have found the source of his sinus and fluid leakage troubles – a tiny plastic sword lodged well behind his eye when he was a kid.

It was fun to see Mark Feurstein’s Hank wanting to stick it to the one-time bully, yet also rising above to treat him properly, though when pole dancing Karma accidentally kicks the guy in the nose breaking it, he mutters “Now, that’s Karma.” Hah. Also the bonding between Divya (Reshma Shetty) and Jill (Jill Flint), after her bridal luncheon with family as they decide on a night on the town and have to make a stop to get out of their professional attire to dress club hot (and hot they were). Plus, you can always count on Paulo Constanza’s Evan for some well-timed comedy bits as he also sure has a thing for Divya, but the wedding with Raj looks set.

“The Hankover” was funny more than ultra-dramatic, filled with the kind of wry humor, clever turns and sharp dialogue that’s made Royal Pains such a pleasure.

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