EUREKA “The Story of O2” Review

EUREKA (SyFy) "The Story of O2"

It’s Friday, meaning time for another EUREKA review, this time directed by Colin Ferguson (Sheriff Carter on the show)! It’s Space Week in Eureka (aka Rocket Daze 2010), and the townsfolk celebrate like every other town filled with super-geniuses, they are racing model rockets to the moon and back. At the big launch ceremony, we find out that Dr. Grant now has the title of scientific historian, and meet Dr. Ramsey (special guest star Jamie Kennedy), who has made a breakthrough that can lead to Mars colonization. An accident with Zane and a secret prototype device, though, hints that something bad is brewing. Turns out that Ramsey’s discovery was misappropriated by one of the rocket race competitors (actually his mom), and the results put everyone in Eureka in danger. Kevin comes up with a plan that is both simple and dangerous, but he saves the town (minus Lupo’s house).

Unfortunately for Eurekans, Sheriff Carter, the resident troubleshooter, is all the way on the other side of the country doing a surprise visit of Zoe at Harvard. Upon arriving he walks in on Zoe and her “lab partner” while they are “experimenting.” Actually, they were running a behavioral psych experiment on a cat, who gets into a care package Carter brought Zoe from Eureka, and hijinks ensue. It was cute to see the two of them have some father/daughter bonding time while chasing an invisible cat.

This week’s episode of Eureka was a lot of fun and continued building on the time-traveling storyline while developing the characters at the same time. It was a lot of fun to see Lupo step into Jack’s role and try to resolve the crisis in Eureka, while Carter was a little out of his element at Harvard and went through a parenting crisis. The acting and writing were good as always, but I was a little surprised about how understated Jamie Kennedy’s guest role was, although his character’s mellow approach was a good comedic foil to the tension. Also have to give props to the special effects in the episode, they were well done and not over the top (which they’re done in the past). Another favorite moment was the crowd at Carpe Diem betting on the rocket races (seemed like something you could expect to happen only in Eureka). One last note on the episode, Sheriff Andy has come back from repairs after his mishap in “A New World”, and he looks a little different (he’s actually now played by Kavan Smith) but was still funny in this episode.

What did you think of the episode? Do you think Zane and Jo have a chance to rekindle what they had? Is Fargo in over his head? Next week is crossover week, Fargo visits the crew at Warehouse 13 on Tuesday night, while Claudia from Warehouse 13 visits Eureka next Friday at 9 PM on SyFy.

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