UNNATURAL HISTORY Comic Con 2010 Panel (With Kevin G. Schmidt, Jordan Gavaris and more)

Unnatural History COMIC CON 2010 Panel

I got to see a special screening of an episode and a panel discussion for the Cartoon Network series UNNATURAL HISTORY at Comic-Con 2010 this past weekend.

I had never seen the show before and even though it’s supposed to be for kids, I found myself enjoying the episode quite a bit myself. About a bunch of highschoolers who use their knowledge of history to solve mysteries, Unnatural History was not only a lot of fun, but educational as well.

Unfortunately, the viewing of the episode took up most of the hour allotted and there wasn’t a lot of time for the panel discussion. But the guests did manage to answer a few questions. Attending the panel were cast members Kevin G. Schmidt, Jordan Gavaris and Martin Donovan, as well as creator/executive producer Mike Werb and more.

Highlights from Unnatural History Sneak Peak and Panel discussion at Comic-Con 2010…

One of the creators said that the idea for the show came from the fact that he used to travel a lot.

They enjoy tying in bits and pieces from history into current storylines, like gangsters from the roaring 20’s (as featured in the episode we saw) and gangsters from now.

They do take some artistic license with history but always make sure to explain on their website exactly which parts of the episodes are historically correct and which parts were made up. I was very impressed by that as I do admit to worrying that kids might think some of the more imaginative facts were true.

Kevin G. Schmidt explained that one of his goals is to do as many of his own stunts as he can and tries to be pretty athletic. He said he even did a stunt once where he fell off a horse.

Italia Ricci enjoys Maggie as she sees her as someone who is unlike the stereotypical teenage girl.

On the other hand, Jordan Gavaris said he likes playing his character as a real teenager and “goofball”.

Kevin said that he had about a month of martial arts training before they started filming the pilot so that he could look realistic in his fight scenes on camera.

Playing with the fact that many fans seem to want a Jasper and Maggie relationship, Jordan gave Italia a Hershey’s kiss chocolate and remarked “I just kissed Maggie”. He also said that if the writers came up with a “Jaggie” story idea, he wouldn’t say no to it.

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