ROOKIE BLUE “Bullet Proof” Review

rookie blue

Bullet Proof, the sixth episode of Rookie Blue, saw relations between the main characters forming and dissolving. McNally teamed up with her blue-eyed beau to solve a murder case, Nash and Epstein were assigned to the monotonous job of searching vehicles and Gail and Diaz were partnered in what appeared to be a hit and run and turned into a grandpa trying to save his good name from the man who would accuse him of sexual abuse by running him down on his bike route. As you do.

Nash and Epstein’s storyline consisted of searching vehicles. It could have been deathly dull, but thanks to Gregory Smith and Enuka Okuma’s easy comic charms, they were able to sell speculating whether stain on a blanket originated from coffee or blood. Meanwhile, Epstein believes Gail may harbour a crush on him which has Nash mildly amused, mainly exasperated. Nash and her training officer bond over needles and hormones. The former was enjoyable, the latter made me admire Okuma even more for selling what could have been a total shark jumping moment. Sure, it was still contrived, but my hand did not instinctively reach for a pillow to smother myself like it would with a lesser performance.

I find I am liking Andy less and less with each episode. Last week she was leaving her gun unloaded, this week she was mourning a dead confidant yet still found time to do her hair and apply pink eye shadow before leaving the precinct. Sure she got shot at and protected her confidant, but even the drive-by-shooting was dull. Working with Callaghan should have been more fun to watch, but it wasn’t.

Callaghan was supposed to come off tough but what he did seemed perfectly reasonable; he ordered the bullet which killed an innocent man out of the killer’s accomplice’s head. We’re supposed to have sympathy for the young man at the expense of the killer’s conviction. McNally sided with the accomplice but this was because she got to know him; you can side with anyone about almost anything if you just get to know them, can’t you? His death, in surgery, was understandably sad, and kudos to the actress portraying his foster mom for her great reaction, but the blow up between McNally and Callaghan was like watching your little sister moan about her missing precious chocolate bar; you understand her distress, but you cannot compel yourself to care (licking the chocolate off your fingers…in some cases perhaps.)

Consistency on this show: be damned. Epstein’s parents were separated and united only in their hatred of law enforcement: so long. Diaz had a girlfriend from the seventh grade: out the window. Gail is a mean bitch: well, this one still stands. Thankfully.

You knew it was going to happen. You knew Rookie Blue couldn’t last much longer before its characters started intermingling like bored rabbits. Andy, with her Detectives Callaghan and Swarek, is out of the picture. So it’s between Nash, Gail, Epstein, Diaz. One big…well, actually, Nash has Detective Barber, so it’s just a threesome, AKA, love triangle for the less salacious out there-unless Epstein and Diaz turn out to be gay, though I won’t hold my breath.

Gail and Chris’ pairing was pretty obvious, pretty awesome. Finally they gave Gail more than a half dozen clichéd one liners (insofar as now she has paragraphs!) Is his girlfriend still in the picture, or did he break things off after she demanded he propose? Will Epstein scurry away when he finds out Gail and Diaz were romping around in a car whilst he was musing over their non-existent relationship? Will Gail, seen possibly flirting with Epstein, dangle the two like a puppeteer?

Whatever happens Rookie Blue has finally picked up some of that energy it had been lacking. It at last has a relationship with, dare I say it, chemistry. It’s a meeting of the bad girl and good boy. It’s a meeting I want to see again. For the first time in a few episodes I can honestly say I am eager for next week’s.

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