Recap: BIG BROTHER 12 Week 3 PoV Competition/ Week 3 Veto Ceremony


Something is super fishy in the BIG BROTHER 12 house. When Matt first made his nominations of Kathy and Andrew earlier this week, I got a weird feeling. Now anyone who has seen even a few episodes of Big Brother knows that these folks are always wanting to backdoor their fellow houseguests. But for Matt, it didn’t make sense to not nominate Brendon and Rachel, even if one of them won the POV (Power of Veto) the other would go home. When The Saboteur was running around a few weeks back, they had mentioned something about a secret friendship, that was established before everyone entered the house, and I can’t help but think this could be true for Matt and Brendon – but who knows. Maybe this little rumor was noter other than a rumor, since everything else the saboteur said hasn’t panned out. That being said, The Brigade was super bummed out on Matt, but were keeping their fingers crossed that the Veto competition was stacked in their favor and they could their pawns off the block, and finally oust Brendon. But wouldn’t you know it that both Rachel and Brendon found their way into the Veto competition, along with nominees Kathy and Andrew, HOH Matt and Brigade member Lane.

For this week’s competition, Enzo hosted the competition dressed like a genie from a Disney film and the house guests were asked to count a few things in the backyard and then gamble on their amounts being closest. After a few rounds of folding and staying on the amounts of eyeballs in a glass tube, it was tied between Andrew and Brendon, with Rachel still in the game to help out Brendon. And of course, Brendon wins, grabs the Power of Veto and confirms that him and his lady love will live to see another week. This news is crushing to The Brigade, but I have to give props to the slyest alliance we’ve seen in awhile as they didn’t seem to really show any emotion when Brendon came through with the win. Matt and the Brigade opine in the HOH room about how they just can not catch a break in this game, well you know except that whole being HOH and deciding who to put up for nominations, but that’s just details I guess. Matt turned to CBS’ HOH Blog, as each HOH does, to discuss what he thinks of the game so far, and how he’s not worried about his fate in the house:

“So, as you are aware, my nominations did not exactly go as originally planned this week. Not to worry, America! The diabolical super-genius is fast at work rectifying the situation! It’s great to watch Andrew go completely mental, and in hindsight I think this is all going to work out BETTER for me than if the plan to backdoor Brendan went through as it was originally supposed to. At this point in time I feel completely safe next week, and I think the house still thinks I’m a total nitwit. Perfect on all accounts!
One thing I’m finding odd being here is how excited people get at the prospect of making it to the jury house. I’ve been hearing this since Day 1 in the house, but even more so now that there’s only one or two evictions left until that happens. I just don’t get it. That seems like such a loser mindset to me. If I’m not going to win anyway, then I’d rather just be sent home early so that I can get back to my normal life. For me, once the jury house starts getting populated there’s absolutely no options other than to win this game. There’s no way I’m going to be happy “just going to the jury house”! What kind of dopey accomplishment is that?!? Who brags to their friends about being a loser??? My housemates boggle my mind sometimes.”

Now, back to the game… Andrew decides to discuss a secret alliance with Brendon, which would allow both of them to secretly work together, but Andrew wants to keep it a secret from everyone, including Rachel. Andrew has already been suspected to having an alliance with this couple, so Im not sure if this is the smartest move, but its something for the loner. Brendon, who already decided he wanted Andrew to stick around, wants to make sure Andrew doesn’t get voted out, but this might not be the easiest job anymore. Andrew completely overacts during the Veto ceremony and basically says that he will be gunning for Brendon and Rachel, and at the same time calling out Matt for not actually doing what he said. This makes the entire house suspicious, again and Andrew really didn’t have to do much to make the rest of the house guests worry about him. Obviously, Brendon doesn’t use the veto on anyone and Kathy, after Andrew’s outburst, is certain she will be sticking around. Overall, this week I have learned that secret alliances don’t always remain that way, The Brigade, while quiet, aren’t making many power moves and it seems that Brendon really is the only threat in this house. Pick up the game folks, or y’all are just going to get ushered into the jury house to vote against Brendon.

So who do you think is going home? Was it smart for Andrew to team up with the hated showman of Rachel and Brendon? And whats the point of being in a secret alliance if the members cant really run the game?