PSYCH “Not Even Close…Encounters” Review


Gus and Shawn are on the case of an apparent UFO in this week’s episode of PSYCH, called “Not Even Close…Encounters”. The trouble is that they both secretly want it to be an actual UFO and yet they both know that they really should look for a logical explanation after a lawyer sees his assistant “abducted”.

Trying to keep themselves on the straight and narrow, they even promise to ear snap each other when the other goes off into a UFO daydream. It works for a while and they discover that the assistant got a big promotion when his boss was found incompetent, making them think they’ve got their suspect. That is until the man takes a nose-dive off a building, proof once again of a possible alien connection as “suicidal tendencies” is one of the symptoms of an abduction.

In the end it turns out that it was nothing more than an attempt by a big corporation to own some land that may have oil under it. They rigged a helicopter into a phony UFO and paid the assistant to mess with the lawyer’s meds so that the poor guy would think he was seeing aliens.

My favorite bits…

Lassiter locking Shawn’s dad in the car.

Shawn’s request for a “Speak and Spell and seven pounds of mashed potatoes” cracking me up as I used to have a ‘Speak and Spell’ (which was a toy from the 80’s that was designed to help kids read).

Finding out that Gus not only has a JC Penney card, but also has a $1,200 balance on it.

Flipping out just as much as Shawn over the original Battlestar Galactica helmet that Dennis had in his super-cool secret room full of nerdy goodness.

Shawn and Gus having a discussion about how they should keep their alien abduction theory on the QT, right before seeing their faces on the news. Oops.

The entire precinct snickering at Shawn and Gus as they walked the halls, that was so mean…okay yeah, I totally laughed too. What?

The boys choosing the Battlestar Galactica helmet and Geordi’s Star Trek glasses as disguises. Subtle, guys, very subtle.

Lassiter actually having a crap list. Why does that not surprise me?

Lassiter’s internet searches including ‘grenade’ and ‘squirrel’. LOL.

Gus and Denny doing an imitation of Shawn’s “I’ve got a clue” face. Gotta say, they both totally nailed it.

Shawn’s ultra girlie scream when the “UFO” showed up.

Trying not to be disappointed when the UFO turned out to be a helicopter. Darn.

Dennis looking like a badass with the nunchucks , right up until he clocked himself in the nose with them…oh and got tasered. Ouchies.

Overall another pretty darn funny episode of Psych, with possible alien abductions and a real live helmet from the original Battlestar Galactica. What’s not to like about that?