MERLIN Comic Con 2010 Panel (With Anthony Head and Colin Morgan)

Merlin Comic Con 2010 Panel

BBC’s MERLIN had a large and enthusiastic turn-out for their panel at Comic Con 2010. On hand were Merlin‘s stars Anthony Head and Colin Morgan, as well as writer/creators Johnny Capps and Julian Murphy.

Highlights from the Merlin Comic-Con 2010 panel…

The moderator (Jenna Busch) was able to make the audience scream every time she mentioned that Anthony Head was once part of a little show known as “Buffy” (aka Buffy The Vampire Slayer).

The creators said that Merlin came about from a discussion that they had about how they wanted to see Arthur as a prince who was also a bit of an idiot and bully, and how he matured from there.

They didn’t just create the show for a British audience and always hoped that it would work internationally and have been very happy with the response that Merlin has received all over the world.

Everyone agreed that their favorite thing to do is watch the show dubbed in Japanese. Anthony remarked that he loved how “his” voice sounded so deep and strong.

Anthony joked that the biggest difference between doing an American show and a British show is craft services (which is the department that provides the food on a set) saying that in Britain it’s basically just a pot of tea and a box of biscuits (cookies) and in America it’s an adventure unto itself. He also said that another difference is the longer work days, remarking that in the US they think nothing of doing 14 hour-plus days and even heard of a 21 hour day that happened on Buffy. It made me think that maybe the reason for all the good was because everyone was so tired they needed to eat to keep their energy up.

When asked about the possibility of Merlin getting a love interest, Colin remarked that it did sometimes feel like any person who came into Merlin’s life gets killed, but he was hoping that he might get a girlfriend in the coming season.

The writers said that Colin and Bradley James (Arthur) have great chemistry on screen and as they’ve watched it grow, they’ve begun write the series based on that.

We got to see a blooper reel which was hilarious and proves that Anthony is the worst giggler they have on set.

When asked about his character, Colin said that he sees “big changes” coming for Merlin as he continues to change and mature.

Anthony enjoys playing his character’s backstory and seeing how it affects him.

We were shown clips from season 3, which promises plenty of sorcery and adventure, as well as some new characters.

The creators acknowledged that there are many theories about Arthur and Merlin, and after reading them all they took the best bits to make their series.

Colin really enjoys doing as many of his own stunts as he possibly can, but says that anything where he gets to fly on wires is his favorite.

Anthony said he loves getting to ride the most beautiful horses and the fact that they are more feisty than the normal ones you usually find on set.

Anthony and Colin joked that Bradley is “very shy on set”, which of course he is anything but.

Regarding the unusual characters on the show, like trolls and pixies, Johnny Capps remarked how odd it was, as a grown man, to be discussing things like what a troll fart sounds like and the specific qualities of pixie dust.

When someone asked about whether or not the show would ever take advantage of Anthony’s singing talents, the creators said they might be thinking of doing a musical episode.

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